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Medien Druckwerk, Zeitschriften und Zeitungen
Markt Vereinigtes Königreich
Agentur OgilvyOne London
Creative Director Emma De La Fosse, Charlie Wilson
Art Director Graham Jenks
Copywriter Malcolm Pryce, James Nester
Illustrator George Damerum
Veröffentlicht Dezember 2012


London International Awards 2013
Print Business-to-Business Campaign Bronze Winners

Kredite und Beschreibung

There was a tie for the silver in copywriting. Fortunately, the deadlock was between two different iterations of the same campaign, so there will be no tussling over the spoils.
Kern & Sohn is a German company that makes incredibly sensitive measurement instruments, including scales that detect minute differences in weight. To demonstrate the precision of its scales, it put one in a case with a metal statue of a gnome and dispatched it to mountaintops. It sent the blue-capped gnome to the South Pole and into the bowels of the Sanford Underground Research Facility.
Along the way his ears popped in high speed elevators, he found a missing sock of Einstein's, and he spoke a lot of potatoes. The Kern scale demonstrated that the gnome's weight varied ever so slightly on different points of the globe, proving that gravity varies around the Earth and that it is not so much round as it is potato-shaped.
That was the topic of one of a series of "scientific" white papers penned by OgilvyOne London that resulted in coverage in magazines, 7,000 new visitors to, and two new clients who alone awarded the gnome with a 5000% ROI on his travels.
Advertiser: KERN & SOHN
Category: Other Business to Business
Advertising campaign: WHITE PAPER: EAR POPPING
Other Credits: Designer- Steve O’ Leary
Illustrator: George Damerum
Art Director: Graham Jenks
Copywriter: James Nester
Other Credits: Muse- Kern Gnome
Copywriter: Malcolm Pryce
Creative Director: Charlie Wilson
Creative Director: Emma De La Fosse