Penguin Random House Werbung durch Druckerzeugnisse Che FCB Lisbon


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Branche Bücher
Medien Druckwerk, Zeitschriften und Zeitungen
Markt Portugal
Agentur FCB Lisbon
Creative Director Luis Silva Dias, Edson Athayde
Art Director Eduardo Tavares, Gonçalo Martinho
Copywriter Viton Araujo
Veröffentlicht März 2018

Kredite und Beschreibung

Category: Recreation, Leisure
Media: Print
Brand: Penguin
Agency: FCB
Geo: Portugal
Advertising Agency: FCB Lisbon, Portugal
Creative Directors: Edson Athayde, Luis Silva Dias
Art Directors: Eduardo Tavares, Gonçalo Martinho
Copywriter: Viton Araújo
Photographer: Onshot Photography
Additional Credits: Whitelab Creative Image Studio
Published: March 2018
Che by Guevara.
The campaign has been run in print ads which depict Che Guevara on dilapidated Cuban streets and Nelson Mandela in a South African vineyard smiling into the camera of a large phone. The images are intended to pique interest in the history of these iconic figures and illuminate their backgrounds and their ties to meaningful geographical locations. The protagonists have been given a selfie-stick to place a modern twist on the otherwise authentic feeling images. The campaign runs with the message “Get to know more about the life behind familiar faces”.
FCB Lisbon said “Autobiographies are pictures of the soul. An autobiographic book always has a detail, a frame story that only the ones who actually lived it can tell.”