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Cyber-shot TX30 underwater camera: Octographer - Pink

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Branche Digitale und Videokameras
Medien Druckwerk, Zeitschriften und Zeitungen
Markt Neuseeland
Agentur FCB Auckland
Executive Creative Director Regan Grafton, James Mok, Tony Clewett
Creative Leisa Wall, Peter Vegas, Christiaan Van Noppen
Veröffentlicht Mai 2015

Kredite und Beschreibung

To show how easy it is to use the TX30 we trained an Octopus to use one, creating the world’s first Octographer and a truly unique product demonstration. We needed a strong visual identity that matched the authenticity of this product demo and invited people to get their own Octographer portrait. So we made art prints using a real octopus tentacle. The Octopus has literally left its mark on the each piece of communication. Each tentacle print is unique and mimics the camera colour it is holding to reflect the true colour change that an octopus does in the wild.
Category: Home electronics
Client: Sony
Agency: FCB Auckland
Country: New Zealand
Executive Creative Director: James Mok
Executive Creative Director: Tony Clewett
Executive Creative Director: Regan Grafton
Creative: LEISA WALL
Creative: peter vegas
Creative: Christiaan van Noppen
Head of Art: Nick Smith
Group Account Director: Toby Sellars
Account Director: Hannah Downes