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Worlds Apart

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Branche Bier
Medien Fernsehen und Film, Digital
Markt Vereinigtes Königreich
Agentur Publicis London
Chief Creative Officer Bruno Bertelli
Executive Creative Director Cristiana Boccassini, Dave Monk
Creative Director Milos Obradovic, Marcus Iles
Creative Mark Daw, Seb Howling, Dom Desmond, Rudhraigh McGrath
Produktionsagentur Rsa Films
Veröffentlicht April 2017


LIA Awards 2017
TV/Cinema/Online Film Beverages - Alcoholic Silver Winner
TV/Cinema/Online Film Social Media Silver Winner

Kredite und Beschreibung

Category: Alcoholic Drinks
Brand: Heineken
Media: Experimental
Media: Web Film
Advertising Agency: Publicis London
Category: Drinks, alcoholic
Client: Heineken
Agency: Publicis London
Country: United Kingdom
Chief Creative Officer: Bruno Bertelli
Executive Creative Director: Dave Monk
Executive Creative Director: Cristiana Boccassini
Creative Director: milos obradovic
Creative Director: Marcus Iles
Creative: Seb Howling
Creative: Dom Desmond
Creative: Mark Daw
Creative: Rudhraigh McGrath
Account Team: Trent Patterson
Account Team: David Pagnoni
Account Team: Derek Muller
Account Team: Katherine Thompson
Account Team: Elzabe Buys
Planner: Sol Ghafoor
Planner: James Moore
Planner: Chris Turner
Head of Production: Colin Hickson
Project Management: Kym Adams
Project Management: Michael Fitzgerald
Design Team: Andy Breese
Production Company: RSA Films, London
Director: Toby Dye
Producer: Ben Porter
Post-Production Company: MPC, London
Editor: Julian Eguiguren
Date: April, 2017
For many, shock followed Brexit. Yet Brexit was simply a consequence of something deeper. Our research showed open conversation had become suppressed (amplified by online echo-chambers). People weren’t talking to people with different opinions, and if they were, the online conversation was so toxic it fueled the problem.
Our insight was that despite our differences we can always find something that connects us. You may not hold the same views, but the choice is either to ignore each other or engage and find a better understanding on both sides. The simple act of sitting down and having a conversation (perhaps over a beer) can be the first step to finding common ground.
The strategy was simple, as a brand that has always stood for openness, we would facilitate conversation between even the most divided of people, and subsequently build meaning for our tagline - Open Your World.
The 4.5 minute film was initially released organically online in three versions optimised for each individual social platform. They were boosted through a PR push that seeded the film to national newspapers and online publications. This created momentum, but once people started sharing naturally (including unpaid celebrity endorsers) the film really took off. Paid media kicked in 5 days later to maintain momentum. Our banners and 20” trailers drove people to our campaign website where people could view the longer form edit and sign-up to our human library events (a not-for-profit organization, the Human Library, that tackles stereotyping by giving you the chance to have a conversation with someone you might not have an opportunity to meet in everyday life – e.g. a refugee.
Further, our partnership with the Huffington Post will ensure a steady stream of content about common ground over the next 6 months.
With social content principles advising towards short form edits, our 4.5 minute film seems to have broken all the rules.
The film has been viewed a total of 17.7 million times, 13.6 million organically, with millions more views on fan and media channels. It has generated a huge volume of conversation - 625+ articles published, made international TV news coverage (USA Today, CNN, MSNBC), became a trending topic on Twitter, made it to the front page of Reddit, was the number 1 ad on Youtube for April, created reaction videos online, and it has even spawned a couple of parodies too. Not only that, the US Heineken CMO has reported incremental effects on sales too.
In total it has generated 324,000 engagements, 531,000 shares and as the film traveled the world, with a reach of 2 billion, so does our message of openness.