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Unlimited Courage

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Branche Sportschuhe, Mobile applications
Medien Fernsehen und Film
Markt Vereinigte Staaten
Agentur Wieden + Kennedy Portland
Creative Director Ryan O'rourke, Alberto Ponte, Kelly Bayett, Dan Viens
Art Director Sara Phillips
Copywriter Adam Tetreault
Produktionsagentur Prettybird
Director Max Malkin
Veröffentlicht September 2016


Kinsale Shark Awards 2017
Film International Film - Broadcast Tv, Cinema, Online: Fashion, Clothing, Footwear & Accessories Bronze

Kredite und Beschreibung

Agency: Wieden+Kennedy / Portland + Prettybird / Culver City
Client: Nike
Category: Sports / Fitness / Sports Apparel
Art Director: Sara Phillips
Copywriter: Adam Tetreault
Creative Director: Alberto Ponte / Ryan Orourke / Dan Viens
Production Company: Prettybird / Culver City
Director: Max Malkin
Producer: Ali Brown / Suzanne Hargrove
Agency Producer: Matt Hunnicutt / Ross Plummer / Mauricio Granado
Executive Producer: Susie Boyajan (Lime Studios)
Sound Design: Michael Anastasi (Barking Owl)
Producer: Ashley Benton (Barking Owl)
Global Creative Director: Alberto Ponte (Wieden + Kennedy)
Global Creative Director: Ryan Orourke (Wieden + Kennedy)
Interactive Director: Dan Viens (Wieden + Kennedy)
Director Of Business Affairs: Amber Lavender (Wieden+Kennedy Portland)
Strategic Planning Team: Andy Lindblade (Wieden + Kennedy)
Strategic Planning Team: Brandon Thorton (Wieden + Kennedy)
Strategic Planning Team: Nathan Goldberg (Wieden + Kennedy)
Strategic Planning Team: Reid Schilperoort (Wieden + Kennedy)
Media Planning Team: Brian Goldstein (Wieden + Kennedy)
Media Planning Team: Daniel Sheniak (Wieden + Kennedy)
Media Planning Team: Jocelyn Reist (Wieden + Kennedy)
Media Planning Team: John Furnari (Wieden + Kennedy)
Executive Producer: Ali Brown (Prettybird)
Executive Producer: Suzanne Hargrove (Prettybird)
Colourist: Adam Scott (The Mill)
Copywriter: Adam Tetreault (Wieden + Kennedy)
Art Director: Sara Phillips (Wieden + Kennedy)
Agency Producer: Matt Hunnicutt (Wieden + Kennedy)
Agency Producer: Mauricio Granado (Wieden + Kennedy)
Agency Producer: Ross Plummer (Wieden + Kennedy)
Art Production: Amy Berriochoa (Wieden + Kennedy)
Art Production: Jennifer Spillers (Wieden + Kennedy)
Studio Team: Alicia Kuna (Wieden + Kennedy)
Studio Team: Amy Corcoran (Wieden + Kennedy)
Studio Team: Edgar Morales (Wieden + Kennedy)
Studio Team: Greg Radich (Wieden + Kennedy)
Studio Team: Kyle Pero (Wieden + Kennedy)
Studio Team: Rehanah Spence (Wieden + Kennedy)
Studio Team: Saskia Thomson (Wieden + Kennedy)
Account Management Team: Alyssa Ramsey (Wieden + Kennedy)
Account Management Team: Anna Boteva (Wieden + Kennedy)
Account Management Team: Carly Williamson (Wieden + Kennedy)
Account Management Team: Chris Willingham (Wieden + Kennedy)
Account Management Team: Corey Woodson (Wieden + Kennedy)
Director: Max Malkin (Prettybird)
Head Of Production: Tracy Hauser (Prettybird)
Line Producer: Matt Wersinger (Prettybird)
Production Designer: Rob Pearson (Prettybird)
Editing Team: Damion Clayton (Rock Paper Scissors)
Editing Team: Mike Spagnolli (Rock Paper Scissors)
Production Team: Dina Ciccotello (Rock Paper Scissors)
Production Team: Helena Lee (Rock Paper Scissors)
2d Lead Artists: James Allen (Mill La)
2d Lead Artists: John Leonti (Mill La)
2d Lead Artists: Phil Crowe (Mill La)
2d Artists: Alex Candish (Mill La)
2d Artists: Brad Scott (Mill La)
2d Artists: John Shirley (Mill La)
3d Artists: Andy Wheater (Mill La)
3d Artists: Jie Zhou (Mill La)
3d Artists: Michael Lori (Mill La)
Production Team: Antatasia Von Rahl (Mill La)
Production Team: Diane Valera (Mill La)
Production Team: Enca Kaul (Mill La)
Production Team: Rustie Burris (Mill La)
Production Team: Thatcher Peterson (Mill La)
Creative Director: Kelly Bayett (Mill La)
Audio Team: Loren Silber (Lime Studios)
Audio Team: Mark Nieto (Lime Studios)
Nike’s Olympics campaign featured three spots about everyday athletes who defy the odds. “Unlimited Courage” features Chris Mosier, the first transgender man on a men’s national team. Our narrator from the anthem spot follows Chris throughout a city during a period of intense training, expressing equal parts support, trepidation, and amazement at Mosier’s courageous journey.
Entry Summary:
During a time of steadily declining youth participation in sport, it’s a sad irony that our greatest global celebration of movement and physical achievement turns so many of us into passive spectators. And while the Olympics inspire brief spikes in activity, sport has become more and more about us (regular people, watching) and them (athletes doing). So Nike wanted to create a campaign about how sport lets all of us discover potential far beyond our expectations. And how better to make that point than by featuring athletes pushing past ideas of age, gender, or disability to take their bodies beyond what some would believe possible? For Nike, sport is about challenging ideas of what’s possible or right. And even as the rights of athletes to compete have often battled culture and convention, we wanted to remind everyone that sport is never about what other people say you can do.