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Branche Autos
Medien Fernsehen und Film, Digital
Markt Frankreich
Agentur We Are Social Paris
Creative Director Thomas Guilhot
Art Director Paul Grange
Copywriter Alexandre Foucray
Produktionsagentur Frenzy
Veröffentlicht April 2017


ADCN Advertising Design Creativity Netherlands 2018
Craft Sound Design Bronze

Kredite und Beschreibung

Category: Automotive
Title: EarthZone
Media: Film/ TV
Brand: Renault
Agency: We Are Social
Geo: France
Advertising Agency: We Are Social, France
Creative Director: Thomas Guilhot
Art Director: Paul Grange
Copywriter: Alexandre Foucray
Director of Strategy: Helen Duvoux-Mauguet
Strategic Planner: Fabien Gaëtan
Group Account Director: Thomas Laydis
Account Director: Margaux Pietri
TV Producer: Alexandra Marik
Director: Thibault Grevet
Published: March 2017
Description: The film is for all sports enthusiasts, but also for those who've experienced or are looking to live in a certain psychological state, better known as 'The Zone,' which is reached during an intense experience revolving around gaming, music and sports, for example. The film was also inspired by Tibetan monks who were seeking to reach the specific state.
This project for Renault Sport was aimed at sport enthusiasts from all over the world and not just for fans of motor sport. Coming down to true passion for sports, music and arts the project was conceptualised around 'The Zone'.
The Zone is a physical and mental state of transcendence that occurs when you fully concentrate to an intense experience (i.e. music, sports etc.) It is a moment of bliss, a moment of peak performance.
Taking The Zone as our inspiration for music & sound to reach 'peak performance', we recorded Tibetan OM chanting (seeing Tibetan Monks always try to achieve aforementioned state through meditation) and referring to the Pythagorean Musica Universalis theory, also called “Music of the Spheres”.
In this theory Pythagore explains how the harmony of said sonical/philosophical concept is not usually thought to be literally audible, but seen more as a harmonic, mathematical or religious concept. This is explained through the resonance of all celestial bodies which is at 432Hz. It is said to be the natural frequency of the universe and that it connects everything around you. We therefore tuned all the sound design and music to 432Hz in order to reach 'The Zone' sonically.
Fact: This film required more than 100 hours of work on the sound design.