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Brings the toughest to tears

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Branche Schnellimbiss
Medien Fernsehen und Film, Digital
Markt Neuseeland
Agentur Augusto NZ
Director James Anderson
Art Director Rich Robson
Copywriter Matt Sellars
Designer Lena Panaita
Producer Brad Harvey
Account manager Craig Harrison
Veröffentlicht November 2016

Kredite und Beschreibung

Wendy's new Ghost Pepper Range is a deliciously, spicy burger made with the world's hottest chili - Ghost Pepper. For most people, hot chilies and jalapenos are like kryptonite, turning even the toughest, most staunch of us into a sniffling, blubbering mess. This content video pokes fun at the genuine reactions captured from a bunch of staunch bikies after eating one of the burgers. Agency: Augusto, NZ
Media: Web Film
Category: Food
Agency: Augusto NZ
Production: Augusto NZ
Country: New Zealand
Director: James Anderson
Creative Director: Rich Robson
Creative Director: Matt Sellars
Art Director: Rich Robson
Copywriter: Matt Sellars
Producer: Brad Harvey
Visual Effects: Shaun Madgwick
Account Director: Tammy Milani
Editor: Corbin Beitelstein
Designer: Lena Panaita
Account manager: Craig Harrison