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Frozen Filter

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Branche Schnellimbiss
Medien Fernsehen und Film, Digital
Markt Vereinigte Staaten
Agentur VML Kansas City
Agentur VML Warsaw
Director Wave Productions, Integration
Produktionsagentur The Famous Group
Director Wave Productions, Integration
Veröffentlicht November 2016

Kredite und Beschreibung

Wendy’s only uses fresh, never frozen beef. So they’re sending Rick and Victor: two “Arctic Explorers” on the hunt for all things frozen. In these videos, we find the two digging through a giant freezer to find the oldest food in America so they can win a year of fresh, never-frozen hamburgers from Wendy’s.
Media: Web Film
Category: Food
Agency: VML
Country: United States of America
Client: Wendy’s
Advertising Agency: VML
Production Company: Famous Group
Editorial: RW2

Brandon Rhoten, VP of Advertising
Matt Dee, Director, Advertising: Production
Katie Wollrich, Director, Advertising: Integration
Katherine Boucher, Production Manager
Noni Campbell, Production Coordinator
Lindsay Moore, Manager, Digital Programs
Debbi Vandeven Global Chief Creative Officer
John Godsey, Executive Creative Director
Chris Corley, Executive Creative Director
Jen McDonald, Executive Director, Client Engagement
Pat Piper, Group Creative Director
Bret Smith, Group Planning Director
Jordan Gray, Creative Director
Daniel Lobaton, Creative Director
Jennifer Farquharson, Associate Creative Director
Spencer Bergstrand, Senior Writer
Senior Producer, Gary Granger
Hillary Carter, Client Engagement Supervisor
Rachel Tonneson, Account Manager
Famous Group
Petros Papahadjopoulos, Director
Jon Bazata, Editor