Government of the State of Paraná Fernsehen und Film, Digital, Werbung durch Druckerzeugnisse The Image Test Master Comunicacao

The Image Test

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Branche Regierungen und andere Organe
Medien Fernsehen und Film, Digital, Umgebung
Markt Brasilien
Agentur Master Comunicacao
Creative Director Felippe Motta
Art Director Pesly Krieger
Copywriter Bruno Trindade
Produktionsagentur Trunkshot
Director Bernardo Tomsons
Veröffentlicht März 2017

Kredite und Beschreibung

On the Black Consciousness Day, the Parana State Government in partnership with NGOs of racial equality, released a video. An experiment called The Image Test, where real human resource professionals were divided into two distinct groups. The first group were showed pictures of white people in everyday situations. The second group were showed pictures with identical situations, only with black people this time. The result? White people pictures were described as successful people while the images of black people were always attributed to be underemployment or even worse, vandals and thieves.
The video went viral and in less than 24 hours more than 15 million people watched.
Media: Web Film
Category: Public services & utilities
Client: Paraná State Government
Agency: Master
Production: Trunkshot
Country: Brazil
Director: Bernardo Tomsons
Creative Director: Felippe Motta
Art Director: Pesly Krieger
Copywriter: Bruno Trindade
Head of Art: Jorge Uesu
Planner: Marcelo Romaniewicz
Agency Producer: Mayane Milinavicius
Assistant Agency Producer: Daniela Machado
Account team: Cícero Rohr
Account team: Danielle Béllio
Music + Sound Production: jamute
Approval: Márcio Villela, Fabíola Maziero, Edson Lau Filho