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The Power of Optimism

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Branche Kleider- und Accessoiresgeschäfte
Medien Fernsehen und Film, Direkt
Markt Vereinigte Staaten
Agentur The Garden
Creative Director Shane Ogilvie
Art Director Rosalinda Graziano
Copywriter Erin Beaupre
Produktionsagentur thinkingbox
Veröffentlicht Januar 2018

Kredite und Beschreibung

Campaign Title: Power of Optimism
Client: Life Is Good
Senior Brand Director: Joanne Fletcher
Creative Agency: The Garden
Creative Director: Shane Ogilvie
Strategy Director: Shari Walczak
Strategist: Sarah Phillips
Art Director: Rosalinda Graziano
Copywriters: Erin Beaupre
Project Cultivator: Mike Kovacs
Design Director: Omar Morson
Producer: Mike Kovacs
Technology Partner: Thinkingbox
Production: Andy Wadsworth, Christine Clark, Al Gayle
Director of Photography: Darrin Klimek
Editor: Brett Erina
Audio House: Grayson Matthews
Published: January 2018
The EEG-powered machine harnesses the power of positive thoughts to fill a glass of water.
Lifestyle apparel company Life is Good has brought the power of positivity to life in an incredibly engaging way.
Whether a glass is half full or half empty depends largely on a person’s perspective: are they looking at it through a positive or negative lens? Life is Good’s new Power of Optimism Machine uses electroencephalography (EEG) technology to literally demonstrate the power of positive thinking right before people’s eyes.
By either thinking of things that make them happy, or viewing a screen showing the brand’s uplifting artwork and phrases, users can literally fill a glass with water using only the power of positive thoughts.
Joanne Fletcher, senior brand director of Life is Good Canada, says the goal is to inspire people to focus on the good all around them and live with an eye toward positivity.