Lets You Be You Bmb London, Cheil Seoul, Iris London für Samsung

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Lets You Be You

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Branche Handys
Medien Fernsehen und Film
Markt Vereinigtes Königreich
Agentur Bmb London
Art Director Ollie Agius
Copywriter Pete Ioulianou
Agentur Cheil Seoul
Chief Creative Officer Malcolm Poynton
Agentur Iris London
Art Director Greg Mullen, Al Mills
Produktionsagentur Academy Films
Director Novemba, Shea Glover
Veröffentlicht Januar 2018

Kredite und Beschreibung

Alternative title: Be You
Category: Electronics, Technology
Client: Samsung
Brand: Samsung
Media: Digital
Country: United Kingdom
Agency: Cheil Worldwide Network (incl Cheil WW Seoul, Iris London and BMB London)
Global Business Lead: Euisun Chung (Cheil WW Seoul)
Senior Account Manager (Film): Katie Gowoon Hur
Account Executive (Film): Sewon Lillian Min (Cheil WW Seoul)
Senior Account Manager (Print): Min Young Yoon
Global Strategy Lead: Jeremy Thomas (Cheil WW Seoul)
Chief Creative Officer: Malcolm Poynton (Cheil WW)
Print Art Director: Al Mills and Greg Mullen (Iris London)
Print producer: Dawn Moretti (Iris London)
Film Art Director: Ollie Agius (BMB London)
Film Copywriter: Pete Ioulianou (BMB London)
Film Producer: Francesca Roberts (BMB London)
Production Company: Academy Films
Directors: Shea Glover (Adolescent Los Angeles) & Novemba (Academy Films London)
Producer: Steven Overs
Editor: Stephen Dunne (The Whitehouse)
Post Production Company: Electric Theatre Collective LA
Colourist: Jason Wallis
Published: January 2018
Samsung is tapping into Generation Z’s craving for authenticity in a new, international ad campaign for Samsung Galaxy A8, created by the Cheil Worldwide Network.
At the heart of the campaign is the young director and social anthropologist Shea Glover, who appears on screen as well as sharing a co-director credit.
In it, she takes her previous social experiment exploring self image to a global audience, making an emotional film showing what happens when a wide range of Gen Z strangers are told that they’re beautiful just as they appear.