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Adobe is an American company – designer of software and creator of programs like Photoshop and Illustrator, PostScript and a popular document format Portable Document Format — PDF, for reading of which Adobe reader is widely used.

h2>History of Adobe

It all started with PostScript, that was developed by John Warnock, ex-employee of Evans & Sutherland. In 1978 he moved to XEROX — first laser-printer production company. There he met Chuck Geschke and together in 1982 they established Adobe Systems. At first the company was only improving PostScript that became popular due to Apple that used it for Apple LaserWriter. Thus, Apple’s choice played an important role in Adobe development. It attracted attention to Adobe that soon got firm on the feet.

In 1988 Adobe Photoshop appeared, at first for MacOS Classic; version for Windows came to life in 1992.

Throughout its development Adobe Systems acquired many rivals like Aldus Corp., Page Maker creator (1994) or GoLive Systems (1999), Macromedia Inc (2005). Today Adobe Systems is an absolute leader in everything concerning graphics and web-designs.

The headquarters of the company is in San Jose, California, USA.

In 2016 the company’s income was increased by the cloud model of software spread. Adobe sales reached $5,85bln for the first time in the history of American software manufacturer.

The pure revenue is $1,2bln while operational income grew from $ 903mln to $ 1,5bln.

h2>Advertising and Interesting Facts
According to an official version the company received its name after a small Californian river Adobe Creek.

The brand has had two logos:
In 1982—1999 the logo presented the word «Adobe» of white color, instead of letter «E» there were three stripes with the inscription «Systems Incorporated» under them.
From 1999 till present the logo has been a red quadrate with a white letter “A” in the middle with a black «Adobe» inscription.

Adobe works with various agencies like Abby Priest Stockholm, Swim Club Film Production or Goodby, Silverstein & partners that made a commercial of an analytic product Adobe Marketing Cloud service. The manufacturer of Encyclopedia Atlantica starts increasing the output of the books after he had seen the increasing amount of BUY clicks. In fact, it turns out to be a baby’s foolish pressing the key on a keyboard – “Not all clicks are of the same great use”.

One of very successful Adobe advertising campaigns was making portfolio at Cannes Lions. Personal portfolio could be easily attached to the back of the Cannes Lions Badge to attract the eye of man. Thus, it became # 1 work tool at Cannes Lions 2016.

At present Adobe Systems is the leader on the software market. Due to high quality products and ability to acquire suitable companies Adobe has advantages before the rivals and is able to maintan its strong position in the market.