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American Express, also known as Amex is an American multinational financial services corporation having its headquarters in the city of New York. American Express is one of the largest company and brands when it comes to businesses relating to charge cards, credit card as well as traveller's cheque. In 2016 American Express recorded a revenue of slightly over $34.4 billion with a brand price of $24.3 billion.

History of American Express

The American Express Company is a multibillion-dollar, multinational services corporation having subsidiaries that offer the provision of both financial and travel services all over the world. Amex, as it is also called, was founded way back in 1841 by Henry Wells who at the time offered the safe transportation of valuable goods and personnel.

Over time the company grew and expanded its business to include money orders, traveller's checks as well as credit card services, and before long their services included financial planning. American Express has since been highly reputed for their innovation, integrity, and profitability.

American Express fierce competitors are credit card operators MasterCard and Visa, but with their maintenance of direct relationships with a vast majority of Amex's 80 million plus cardholders, they remain the world's biggest card issuing company (by 2016).

Advertising and Interesting Facts

American Express have always served some excellent advert which has gone a long way in helping cement Amex's place as the card of choice for individuals as well as business users. American Express has always looked to capture the heart and minds of customers in a bid to counter the decline in commercial expenses.

In 2015, American Express made a significant advertising investment by running four thirty seconds adverts during the 2015 Oscars event. ABC broadcasted the adverts, it costed cost $2 million.

Each of the ads featured celebrity customers which included TV star Mindy Kaling, singer Aretha Franklin, Chef Natalie Young and GoPro founder Nick Woodman.

The aspirational advert campaign which was created by Ogilvy & Mather and was aimed at targeting a “new generation of the customer” saw these celebrities talk about adversities they faced and how they overcame them to get to their present celebrity positions and statuses.

The American Express company slogan “Don't Leave Home without It” sends a message that buttresses the fact that traveller's check cards and traveller's cheque are essential accessories for everybody's daily life, not different from the importance of house keys.

American Express actively create and develops exciting and engaging ad campaigns which include Tina Fey's guide to workout gear as well as the American Express Roundtables series which featured Mier Adoni, Chiam Coben, Shaul Ben, Victor Gloger and Yuval Ben Aderet.

American Express recorded a revenue of $32.12 billion with an advertising budget of $3.1 billion in 2016.

Due to American Express's highly effective and efficient marketing strategy, they have remained clear leaders in the credit card issuance market. The Amex logo is recognized worldwide, and the company need not specify their name in ads.