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Apple Incorporation is an American multinational technology company which develops, designs and sells smartphones, personal computers, operating systems, and portable devices. Apple maintains 498 retail stores in 22 countries with online stores available in thirty-nine countries.

History of Apple

Apple was founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Gerald Wayne. Its history started in California in 1976. The company received its name on January 3, 1977.

It was the year when the corporation started to grow significantly. The reason was an innovative approach to user interfaces. Apple had some problems in 80s which were connected with the high price of their computers.

The products by Apple have seriously evolved during the last three decades. Today the company is famous for such devices as iMac and iPod as well as its iTunes store service. The revenue of this brand was $215.6 billion as of 2016.

The original logo by Apple was based on Isaac Newton image. The famous apple logo appeared in 1976 including rainbow colors. The monochrome symbol was introduced in 1998. It was more flexible and could be used for branding wider range of products.

The most famous slogans by Apple are:
Think different
Simple, yet elegant
Small is huge
Byte into an Apple
Say hello to iPhone
The ultimate all-in-one goes all out

Advertising and Interesting facts

Apple’s ads budget was $1.8 billion in 2015. A series of the company’s prints advertising iMac were published in The Times and Newsweek. These ads looked traditional featuring Apple’s computer with a slogan.

The most famous marketing campaign by Apple is “Think Different.” It was created in 1997. The campaign included TV commercials persuading people to discover new tinhgs in life. Apple products were made to help with it.

Apple has sponsored the Super Bowl Host Committee, “American Idol” TV show and Anita Borg institute’s Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing conference.

Apple has been awarded “Brand of The Year” by Harris Interactive having left Google, Samsung and Amazon behind. The company also has such awards as “Top Carrier of The Year” and “Top Mobile Network.”

Apple is known for cooperation with different brands. Among them are: