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The name of the company BMW is deciphered as Bavarian Motor Works (Bayerische Motoren Werke). It is a German manufacturer of cars, motorcycles, engines and bicycles. BMW specializes in producing motor cycles, cars, sports cars, cars of high flotation. The headquarters is located in Munich (Bavaria/ Germany). This, perhaps, is one of the most famous manufacturers of cars and motorcycles in the world.

History of BMW

The company of BMW started with 2 small aircraft engine productions run by Karl Rapp and Gustav Otto, the son of the combustion engine inventor. The companies united in 1917 to produce aircraft engines for the needs of World War I. After the defeat of Germany in the war the company found another niche for development – production of motorcycles that soon acquired a great reputation due to the speed and security.

In 1928 new factories were purchased in Thuringia and a license to produce a Dixi mini-car – the first BMW car.

With World War II breaking out the company took up air craft engines production again. After the war the company returned to motorcycles and then made the first mini-car, Isetta, that was a strange hybrid of a motor cycle and a car on three wheels. It was not expensive and satisfied both the pocket and the needs of people.

Fashion for cars changed and BMW turned out on the verge of bankruptcy. It was nearly purchased by Mercedes but the shareholders and dealers prevented the acquisition. The company redirected the capital and stayed afloat. After that the company has witnessed permanent growth and advanced technical decisions: anti-lock braking system, electronic engine control, the introduction of turbo technologies in car making, etc.

In the 70-es first famous models of BMW appeared.

In the 90-es Rover Group with the huge British complex producing Rover, Land Rover, MG and the British “Rolls-Royce” were bought.

The company has always cared for the safety of its clients. Since 1995 all cars have been supplied with airbags both for the driver and the front passenger and with anti-theft immobilization system.

The modern BMW is a flourishing concern, annually increasing its profits. This is one of a few companies with manual assembly, but with post production computer diagnostics. The company comprises 5 plants on the territory of Germany and 22 branches all over the world.

Advertising and Interesting Facts

The company’s slogan is the Ultimate Driving Machine. It always emphasizes the policy of the company claiming that a Car is made for a driver, and not for a passenger (Mercedes policy). And this idea gained support in 1983 when BMW cars won in Formula-1 races.

The logo of the brand is associated with the aircraft past and present of the company - a white propeller against the blue sky background. White and blue are official colours of Bavaria land.

In 2015 the revenue of the company reached 92,175 bln euro, Net profit 6,396 bln euro.

To see the BMW power of innovation you can watch the video about the Gesture control banner that makes you feel experiencing a gesture control panel in a new BMW 7. BMW makes driving more and more interactive. Due to this application as the commercial shows booking for test drives increased by 231 %.

Or a nice Twin Commercial about two twin-brothers walking in life hand in hand till one day one sees the other in a new BMW.

Or a popular fashion model - Gigi Hadid that invited you to play a game of keeping an eye on her in a BMW M2 perplexing the viewer with other 4 BMW “beauties”.

BMW actively uses all types of advertising including radio and posters. It is competing with other car brands’ commercials or rather people consider this rivalry existent.