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Colgate-Palmolive Company is an international company producing soap, oral care products, tooth brushes, mouthwash, deodorants, fabric softeners, pet foods and household detergents. At present Colgate-Palmolive, is a 13 bln transcontinental company owing such brands as Colgate, Palmolive, Mennen, Lady Speed Stick, Softsoap, Protex, Sorriso, Kolynos, Ajax, Axion, Soupline, Suavitel and Fab, as well as pet foods like Hill’s.

History of Colgate

The history of the brand began in 1806 when William Colgate founded his company William Colgate & Company starting with starch production. In 1873 an American dentist Sheffield worked out a new product for tooth brushing that did not destroy the tooth enamel. At first the tooth paste was produced in glass jars and later repacked into special tubes like those for paints.

In 1928 the company merged with Palmolive soap producer and since 1953 has been having the name of Colgate-Palmolive Company with branches in France, Austria, Great Britain, Italy, Germany, Brazil, etc.

Today the international «Colgate-Palmolive» headquarters is located in Park Avenue, 300, New York.

Success of the company is in a really high quality product. Colgate Total tooth paste is approved by the American dentist association as an active remedy for cavities and other dental problems. Besides, this product received the signs of conformity of Independent Dentist Associations in 30 countries of the world.

Advertising and Interesting Facts

1 000 000 000 people use Colgate toothpaste that gives 12 hour protection.

Annually 1,6 bln toothbrushes are sold in the world.

In 1920-1930 the company became the founder of radio novels – soap operas, and since 1950 - TV soap operas.

In 1933 Colgate created a company’s design and the logotype represented by two colors: red and white. Red reflects the brand’s energetic, dynamic pace and vigor. White stands for purity and sincerity. This combination creates an optimistic and vivid mix.

Colgate marketing comminications have all forms of media promotion from TV ads, store displays and event sponsorship.

Advertising slogans “It cleans your breath while it cleans your teeth” or “The Colgate ring of confidence” as well as others have been aimed at both adults and children to promote oral hygiene and dental care. An actor Richard Rouondtree, a tennis champion Venus Williamns, NFL star Clinto Portis, NBA star Malik Rose and Lukle Walton supported the Bright Smile, the bright future programs. The programs helped to increase awareness about the product among American children.

Colgate also invited a celebrity like Brooke Shields as a spokesperson for promoting the product.

Colgate is a fortune five hundred company whose gross profit is about half of the total revenue with a gross profit margin of about 65 %.