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Discovery is a basic cable and satellite TV channel which belongs to Discovery Communications. This is the third most widely distributed cable channel in America. It is available in 409 million households worldwide.

History of Discovery

The channel’s history started in 1982. John Hendricks founded it owing to BBC, Allen & Company and Venture America help. The channel was focused on educational programs, wildlife documentaries and history. To widen its audience Discovery shifted to more reality-based series in 2000.

In 2015 its revenue was $6,394 billion. The channel has had different logos.

1985-1987. A TV screen showing a part of the globe with “The Discovery Channel” title.
1987-1995. A semicircle covering “The Discovery Channel” writing.
1995-2000. The semicircle was swapped for a globe, “The” was removed.
2000-2008. The globe icon showed the Pacific Ocean, the word “Channel” was moved underline.
2008-2009. A big “Discovery” title with a small “Channel” writing underneath. The icon of the globe was placed over “D” letter.
2009-2013. The globe icon was slightly altered and the word “Channel” became bigger.
2013-2016. Only “D” letter with the globe over it was used.
2016-present. “D” letter with the globe was placed inside of a circle.
The most famous slogan of the Discovery Channel is “Grab Life by the Globe”.

Advertising and Interesting Facts

The ads budget of the Discovery Channel was $60 million in 2015.

One of their advertisings was a cross-network ad campaign with Microsoft. The companies have launched a three-screen campaign spanning mobile, the Internet and gaming to capture “The Deadliest Catch” fan base.

Discovery made an interesting ads campaign with Budweiser for Harley and the Davidsons. It was a miniseries of commercials taking a look at how Arthur Davidson and Harley have created Harley-Davidson.

Discovery has also invested $100 million in Digital Media Discovery, the brand most known for its television network and productions such as Shark Week or MythBusters.

The channel is known for sponsoring a professional bicycling team during 2005 Tour de France. After the Spaniard Alberto Contador victory in 2007 Discovery Channel discontinued the cycling sponsorship.

The company has been awarded by Emmy Awards in 2013. Their “Inside Story” was honored with three awards by New York Festival. Animal Planet’s “Dog Park” won People’s Voice Webby Award in 2012.