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Hyundai’s official name is Hyundai Motor Company. It is a multinational carmaker from South Korea and the third largest automotive company in the world. Annual production of Hyundai is 1.6 million vehicles. Hyundai manufactures both affordable and luxurious types of autos.

History of Huindai

The man who laid the foundation of Hyundai history was Chung Ju-Yung. He started the company in 1947 and registered it as "Hyundai Motor Company" in 1967. Even though the factory of Hyundai was in Korea, there were British engineers working on new technologies.

The first attempts of Hyundai to sell in the U.S. were unsuccessful because their cars did not meet emissions standards there. Today Hyundai is one of the top 100 most valuable brands worldwide. Its revenue was $76 billion in 2014.

The famous oval silver logo of the carmaker represents "H" which stands for Hyundai. In addition, this symbol shows us two persons shaking hands. These are the Company itself and the Buyer. The oval around the "H" symbolizes global ambitions of the manufacturer.

When the logo is in silver, it indicates the company’s sophistication, creativity and perfection. When it is in blue, it reflects reliability, excellence and supremacy of Hyundai.

Among the most popular slogans of this brand name are:
"Driving is Believing";
"Drive Your Way";
"Always There for You";
"It’s a Whole New Hyundai".

Advertising and Interesting Facts

Hyundai’s ads budget was estimated as much as $700 million in 2016. They invest big sums into TV commercials. In most cases these are videos attractively showing new vehicles by Hyundai. However, their latest "Better than Ever Sales Event" is a funny story about successful sales of the company.

You could also see their "Better is the Reason" commercial and "Respect Anthem" TV commercials. Some of Hyundai’s Internet ads include prints showing insects. By this the carmaker meant that nothing could escape from their Xenon headlights.

In 2002 the carmaker became one of the worldwide official sponsors of the FIFA World Cup.

At the beginning of their history Hyundai collaborated with Ford to create the first vehicle known as Cortina. Today Hyundai is expanding its collaboration with Scandinavian countries. It has teamed up with a Norwegian firm to supply fuel cell electric vehicles.

Hyundai has a lot of awards for its Sonata, Santa Fe, Elantra and other cars. It has also been awarded for its safety technologies. When Hyundai Motor Company began to sell cars in America in 1986, the "Excel" was nominated as Best Product #10 by Fortune magazine.