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Snickers - one of the most popular chocolate in the world, produced by Mars Incorporated. It ceased to be just chocolate, it turned into a symbol, became part of the pop culture.

History of Snickers

Snickers was made in 1923 by confectioner Frank Mars in Chicago, and since 1930 the mass production of a chocolate bar begins. The name Snickers was given to a bar in honor of the favorite horse of Frank Mars Snieker. Snickers sales share is near $2 billion in annual turnover of Mars Inc.

Despite its small size, a chocolate bar with fried peanuts, caramel and nougat was very nutritious and caloric, and Snickers also positioned itself as a comprehensive meal rather than a snack. For that reason Snickers became very popular during military conflicts. For example, during the Persian Gulf War, US soldiers received frozen Snickers bars as part of the Thanksgiving dinner.

Advertising and Interesting Facts

Sponsorship made the brand even more popular. For example, in 1949 Snickers sponsored the broadcast of the very popular American television show Howdy Doody, in 1984 - the Olympic Games in Los Angeles, in 1994 – the World Cup in the United States, and two years later - Euro 1996 in the UK. In NASCAR racing Snickers sponsored Kyle Busch's 18 Toyota for the Joe Gibbs Racing. Snickers was an Official Sponsor of the FIFA World Cup since the year 1990 and to 1998 and the UEFA European Championship from 1996 to 2000.

The popularity of Snickers and the preservation of their position as a leader among chocolate bars were promoted by its competent advertising campaigns. The most famous of them is "You're not you when you're hungry", which inspired ordinary people around the world, instilled in them a sense of confidence. This advertising campaign has won at every major creative gathering, including Cannes Lions, The One Show, D & AD and the Emmys. It was awarded by two Effects Lions, an IPA gold, and global and local Effies and AME Awards. In the commercials Snickers filmed celebrities, for example, Mickey Rourke, Rowan Atkinson, Betty White and others.