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An American company Visa is one of the world’s leading networks providing secure and reliable electronic payment transactions and connecting businesses. Visa is not a bank, it does not issue cards, sets fees or rates for customers. However, it enables its financial institutions customers to offer consumers more options like paying with debit, ahead of time with prepaid or later with credit products.

History of Visa

The history of the brand started in 1958 when Bank of America issued BankAmericard — credit cards for private persons and for small and medium size companies.

Fast developing in the 70-es BankAmericard became a separate structure and got the name of Visa.

Dee Hock that worked in one of the Seattle banks in 1968 is considered to be the founder of Visa. He worked out the system that was called National BankAmericard, Inc., and later received the name of Visa International and became its head.

Introduction of VisaNet and system of electronic payment allowed transaction within seconds. By 2017 VisaNet is able to make 56000 operations per second.

In 2007 several structures in the USA, Canada, Latin America, Asia and Africa united and formed Visa Inc. Today Visa Inc. operates in more than 200 countries of the world. The annual turnover makes up 4,8 trillion dollars.

Advertising and Interesting Facts

Visa logo has not changed a lot the last 30 years. It firstly appeared on the card in 1970 presenting “Visa” word placed between two horizontal lines. Later the colour of the lines was changed into blue (the blue sly) and gold (golden-coloured hills of California).

The new slogan of the company "Everywhere You Want to Be" instead of "More people go with Visa" by the opinion of the management better reflects Visa potence, its availability and safety.

Later the golden colour disappeared from the “V” letter.

In its commercials Visa claims convenience of having a card, and presents celebrities – Pierce Brosnan, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Morgan Freeman, Michael Phelps and many others. Some Visa ads are rather social and encouraging. A new Visa ad shows an American artist Bill Shannon, a 39-year old man born with a rare disease - his legs do not bear the weight of his body. The ad presents a great example of self-realization and overcoming the physical ailment through art. Bill Shannon invented his own ways of move on a skate and crutches – Shannon Technique. This ad shows how the company’s values hit the target audience expectations in combination with harmonious presentation.

Starting with Winter Olympics 1988 Visa is the only form of electronic payment in all the Olympic objects.

VISA was an official sponsor of the British team in London Olympics of 2012.

At present Visa sponsors many various sports cups, tournaments and events.