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Animal Spot 2011

Der Typ der Belohnung: Advertising Awards

INTERNATONAL ADVERTISING FESTIVAL ON AND WITH ANIMALS The non-human, in human communication, have a prominent role since prehistory: animals metaphorically represent the aspirations and ideals of behaviour models for humanity. Increasingly, moreover, animals are inside the mechanisms of involvement and belief. Messages with animals do sell well because they insinuate themselves directly between heart, wallet and brain: the Homo Sapiens intuited it, roman and greek sculturer Knew it, television and cinema producers have awareness of it, industrials and advertisers have certainty.
From industrial logos to advertising brands, animals are so much used in commercial communcation, to solicit the establishment in Rome, of a specific international festival on advertising, Animal Spot, now in its VIII edition.
Animal spot, it selects and it rewards advertising campaigns both on the cinematographical side as on the ethical side.
Animal Spot was founded in1995 and has three editions in 90’s. In 2007, the two media man that have founded it (Antonio Menconi e Tonino Risuleo), have taken issue with a special edition during the Rome Film Festival. In 2008, the edition took place in the Faculty of Communication Sciences at La Sapienza University of Rome. In 2009, again at the House of Cinema and insertion in the Roman summer activities with a functional partnership (evening screenings in the space in Via Aldrovandi) in the gardens of the Museum of Zoology of the Municipality of Rome. In 2010, for the seventh year, at the House of Cinema in Rome.

Animal Spot 2011 award winning ads and commercials

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