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ADCN Advertising Design Creativity Netherlands 2018

Der Typ der Belohnung: Advertising Awards

Polonceaukade 17 1014 DA Amsterdam The Netherlands

Telefon: 31 (0)20 6850861

Since 1967, ADCN – the club for creativity in advertising and design – has recognized and celebrated the very best creative ideas and craft in communications with the Lamps. Each year, the Lamps capture the creative zeitgeist and reward the passion, talent and hard work of the creative community. Celebrating unique creativity skills and groundbreaking ideas, The Lamp symbolizes the magic of creativity – the unique skill of the human mind to start with a blank piece of paper and to imagine solutions, surprise people, change culture, grow businesses, solve challenges, and create real value and impact.


Key Dates:

5 December: Open Entries
25 January: Deadline!
1 February: Extended Deadline (+25% Surcharge)
8 February: Extended Deadline For All Categories In Next And Strategy In Craft (no Surcharge)
23 February: Online Judging Members
23 March: Nominations Festival Mesh
17 April: Awards Show At National Opera En Ballet

ADCN Advertising Design Creativity Netherlands 2018 award winning ads and commercials

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