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Epica Awards 2016

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In the 2016 Epica Awards – the 30th year of the competition – there were Grand Prix winners from Belgium, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Norway and France.

Special Awards:
Network of the Year: Leo Burnett, with 49 awards including 12 golds.
Agency of the Year: BBDO New York, with 19 awards including 1 gold.
Independent Agency of the Year: TRY, Norway, with 9 awards including 4 golds.
The USA topped the country rankings, obtaining 69 awards including 12 golds.


Restaurante Deliciosa Calma

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Branche Halbfabrikate und eingefrorene Produkte
Medien Digital, Fallmethode
Markt Spanien
Agentur McCann Madrid
Executive Creative Director Jon Lavín, Raquel Martinez
Art Director Hector Losa, Lorena Alvarez
Produktionsagentur Harry
Director Dionisio Naranjo, Tay Sanchez
Veröffentlicht April 2016


Cannes Lions 2017
PR Sectors: Food & Drinks Bronze Lion

Kredite und Beschreibung

Entrant: Mccann España
Campaign: Delicious Calm
Title: Delicious Calm
Product: Pavofrío
Brand: Campofrío
Advertiser: Campofrío
Agency (& City): Mccann Spain
Creative Director: Mónica Moro (General Creative Director), Raquel Martínez (Executive Creative Director), Jon Lavin (Executive Creative Director)
Copywriter: Lorena Álvarez, Héctor Losa
Art Director: Lorena Álvarez, Héctor Losa
Production Company (& City): Harry
Film Director: Dionisio Naranjo
Production Company Producer: Tay Sánchez
Agency Producer: Martín Beilin & Guzmán Molin-Pradel
General Creative Director: Mónica Moro (Mccann Spain)
Executive Creative Director: Jon Lavin (Mccann Spain)
Exectuive Creative Director: Raquel Martínez (Mccann Spain)
Art Director and Copywritter: Héctor Losa (Mccann Spain)
Art Director and Copywritter: Lorena Álvarez (Mccann Spain)
Website URL:
The PR strategy had the goal of amplifying the impact of the campaign in a way never seen before. The objective was to reach traditional communication channels with a content focused on women, the brand’s primary demographic target. Spreading a marketing campaign among traditional Spanish media outlets is a huge challenge since they tend to distrust brands. Also, the difficulty increases when the media have to send people over to cover events.Not only we found a solution to solve this issue –an action that counted with a social background and interesting enough so independent media outlets wanted to attend it– but we created a such disruptive meeting point that journalists highly demanded to go and to cover it. The PR strategy we designed left the brand in the background without letting it lose its relevance, as consumers directly associate the name of the campaign “Deliciosa Calma” with Campofrío.
It is very hard to encourage the emergence of certain topics amidst the Public Opinion. Despite society’s progress, issues related to gender equality and the stress felt by women are usually unknown.With this campaign, our goal was to raise awareness regarding this problem and help women to deal with stress and have a good time doing it. We believe that our creativity enabled us to reach that objective; not only had the targeted consumers embraced the idea, but society and the media too. Women’s stress became a problem that needed to be changed and even the government discussed it.
Overall results were remarkably positive, letting us reach and surpass the objectives we had set at the beginning. Media and consumers embraced the project amazingly good.1.Media Outputs:We achieved a historic media coverage for the brand in a friendly communications tone:-More than 58 million people were reached-More than 210 media impacts were obtained-3.690.445 € Earned Media -Over 6.000 impacts and over 53 million impressions in Twitter and Facebook-13.017.863 Views on social media?86,6% of organic reach on Facebook, a whole new record!?Most viewed video in YouTube 2016 (Google Spain)-Trending Topic 13/05As a result, people know and recognize the campaign and, most importantly, it has acted as an enabler to open the debate about very relevant topics such as gender equality and conciliation, drawing public attention to the fact that over 66% of women feel stressed and putting it on the spotlight.2.Target Audience Outcome:-Was increased by 11 pp over the national advertising average in Impact, 9 pp in branding and 14 points in brand awareness.-The debate moved to the media- Ministry of Health, Social services and Equality of Spain launched a statement that thanks to the campaign to contribute with a positive example of how advertising can be creative, notorious, effective and socially responsible.
-Firstly, we arranged collaborations with the main Spanish media we invited to attend the making-off of the spot, including a scoop with the most important Spanish media outlet. Besides, famous Spanish actresses who appeared in the spot became ambassadors of the brand, and we arranged interviews with several media.-During the second phase, we announced the start of the project through a press release, highly distributed by the media, that encouraged people to participate in this “once in a lifetime” experience. -During Phase 3, the inauguration, we converted the three dinners in levers for the media. The first dinner was dedicated to culture, the second one, to lifestyle and the third one, to entrepreneurship. We invited one journalist per table to cover the conversation that occurred in each of them, in which influential Spanish women were speaking. The main radio station of Spain covered the event too.
Situation Pavofrío endorses turkey product in Spain and is mainly consumed by women. The product is intrinsically “low fat” and therefore eaten for weight management. But in 2008 we decided to focus on women in different way. Instead of promoting diet which implies pushing a stereotype we decided to deactivate them and help women. Deliciosa Calma is the result of an approach to the universe of women. We wanted to understand what these unconscious patterns were that led to them, to self-demanding so much, to try to reach everything, to try to always put this better self ahead, or to justify oneself by not complying with the norm, with what is expected of them. Brief To be an ally of Spanish women Objectives Consolidate the positioning of Pavofrio as an accomplice brand of women increasing the preference for the brand. Generate conversation in RRSS, society and media around the campaign.
Campaign Description:
According to the Nielsen report, 66% of spanish women consider themselves to be stressed, they are the most stressed women in Europe. Bassed in a study from California’s University “Turkey contains tryptophan, a substance which reduces stress. Therefore, Campofrío presents Deliciosa Calma, the restaurant that uses only stress-reducing ingredients. A restaurant where through its dishes can release workaday tensions such as work and family life, childcare responsibilities, professional success, pressure in the practice of motherhood, have a perfect body…“I didn´t go to the gym because I didn´t feel like it and I´ll go when I can… with black truffle sauce,”Our consumers could live that experience. Deliciosa Calma became a reality, in one of the fashionable streets of Madrid, the tickets sold out just after publishing on the web.A balanced diet helps reduce stress. A balanced society as well. Pavofrio, feeding another model of woman.