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Epica Awards 2016

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In the 2016 Epica Awards – the 30th year of the competition – there were Grand Prix winners from Belgium, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Norway and France.

Special Awards:
Network of the Year: Leo Burnett, with 49 awards including 12 golds.
Agency of the Year: BBDO New York, with 19 awards including 1 gold.
Independent Agency of the Year: TRY, Norway, with 9 awards including 4 golds.
The USA topped the country rankings, obtaining 69 awards including 12 golds.


Native Mobile Music Video

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Branche Websites
Medien Digital, Fallmethode
Markt Japan
Agentur TBWA\Hakuhodo Tokyo
Creative Director Satoshi Chikayama
Art Director Yoshihiro Kono
Copywriter Nobuhiro Arai, Norihito Takahashi
Producer Keisuke Mizusako
Produktionsagentur AOI Pro.
Director Ryohei Kumamoto
Veröffentlicht April 2016


Cannes Lions 2016
Cyber Online Video: Social Video Bronze Lion

Kredite und Beschreibung

Agency: Tbwa\Hakuhodo
Brand: King Records
Country: Japan
Advertising Agency: Tbwa\Hakuhodo, Tokyo
Entrant Company: Tbwa\Hakuhodo, Tokyo
Media Agency: Tbwa\Hakuhodo, Tokyo
Pr Agency: Tbwa\Hakuhodo, Tokyo
Production Company: Aoi Pro, Tokyo
Additional Company: Aoi Pro, Tokyo
Chief Creative Officer: Kazoo Sato (Tbwa\Hakuhodo)
Copywriter: Norihito Takahashi (Tbwa\Hakuhodo)
Creative Director: Satoshi Chikayama (Tbwa\Hakuhodo)
Buzz Machine: Kazuaki Kuribayashi (Tbwa\Hakuhodo)
Production Manager: Tokio Kasahara (Aoi Pro.)
Director: Ryohei Kumamoto (Aoi Pro.)
Account Executive: Hiroyuki Tanaka (Tbwa\Hakuhodo)
Production Manager: Ryo Tsuchiya (Aoi Pro.)
Agency Producer: Hirotaka Fukatsu (Tbwa\Hakuhodo)
Producer: Keisuke Mizusako (Aoi Pro.)
Cameraman: Hiroki Watanabe (Freelance)
Copywriter: Nobuhiro Arai (Tbwa\Hakuhodo)
Art Director: Yoshihiro Kono (Tbwa\Hakuhodo)
Campaign Description:
Our idea was the world’s first native mobile music video.It was tailored to be seen on your mobile device. The artists perform their song within the realms of email, smartphone camera, SNS and other UI that the viewers use on a daily basis. The viewer experience is as if the artists themselves have hijacked their smartphone.
Within the first 2 weeks of release, this video got 1,300,000 views.(The average music video play count until now was about 80,000.) It got first place in Twitter trend rankings and shared more than 4
000 times. YouTube, vimeo, and twitter official accounts showcased the video.We can safely say that we created a game changer for the music video field.
The Japanese music industry, with sales dwindling to half of what it was compared to the golden age, is in a state of crisis. With this issue at hand, we took it upon ourselves to create an entirely new kind of music video for the hip hop idols "Lyrical School", and create some real buzz.
The smartphone is the most universal and relevant media in this day and age. So therefore, the music video and its execution itself must bring about relevant surprises to viewers. 1. We used the smartphone for all filming. Create and imbue a sense of familiarity and relevancy for the target/smartphone users. 2. Utilize the apps used by viewers every single day. We utilized the app UI in production.The viewers are lulled into a sensation that their smartphone itself has been hijacked. 3. Placement of filmed footage on SNS. All SNS posts seen on the video were real posts actually made. There is an undeniable realty in the footage. 4. Expression that can be recreated. There are no computer graphics at all. All the footage can be recreated entirely on anybody’s smartphone. The viewers undergo an experience as if they themselves are controlling the video at their own fingertips.
The target audience are youth in their 10’s and 20’s. They enjoy connecting with the wider world and watching videos and movies, not via TV or PC, but via smartphones. We also know that the target are enjoying movies daily on Twitter and Vine, not with a horizontal screen but vertical screens. We focused on this major shift in media enjoyment. We cast away all previous notions of music video engagement and focused our targeting entirely on mobile users and their worldview. Our strategy was to create a vertical screen music video as platform.