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The Loeries Awards 2016

Der Typ der Belohnung: Advertising Awards

24 7th Avenue, Parktown North

Telefon: +27 11 772 1220

The Loeries recognise that creativity and innovation are vital business tools for communication within the brand communication industry of Africa Middle East.
The real value of creativity can be found in everything from a fresh perspective, to intelligence, to an unusual insight, to an unexpected dimension and even to impact & memorability. But most importantly, creativity adds that invisible connection between a brand and the consumer’s heart.



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Branche Kaugummi
Medien Druckwerk, Zeitschriften und Zeitungen
Markt Südafrika
Agentur DDB Johannesburg
Executive Creative Director Michael Blore Liam Wielopolski
Art Director Assaf Levy, Nicola Wielopolski
Copywriter Lawrence Katz
Photographer Graeme Borchers
Veröffentlicht Januar 2016


The Loeries Awards 2016

Kredite und Beschreibung

Our favourite dishes, they smell delicious on our plate, but not on our breath. So what can we do to get rid of that odour that’s left behind? Simple, chew the gum that’s proved to both freshen your breath and clean your teeth at the same time. Orbit. In this series of ads we demonstrate the fact that various food odours can linger on your breath by turning the plates into speech bubbles. Every time you talk, others smell it. But with Orbit it needn’t be this way.
Media: Print
Title: Portuguese
Category: Confectionery & snacks
Client: Wrigley
Agency: DDB South Africa
Country: South Africa
Executive Creative Director: Liam Wielopolski
Copywriter: lawrence katz
Art Director: Nicola Wielopolski
Art Director: Assaf Levy
Retoucher: Karien van Niekerk
Photographer: Graeme Borchers