Projects on Coloribus

Coloribus project is a workspace where you work on general concepts, see the entire history of your project,
build your purposeful collections, comments & discussions and collaborate with your team.
Projects can be used for monitoring & tracking, organizing a workflow and real-time collaboration.

Within an active project you can:
  • revise viewed ads
  • organize playlists & create followings lists
  • review saved searches and receive alerts if updated
  • add notes to certain works, agencies, brands or a project itself
  • collaborate and share with your teammates

Project creation is simple, please check our small guide with a few tips for a quick start!
1. Only a project title and description is required for a start

You can invite teammates at this point or come back to this later.

2. Activities within a project: you can save your search results, add any advert to a collection, share it with your teammates or add a note to it.

3. When you work with the archive all the changes are automatically saved to your current project (the one you’ve been working with lately). If you have two active projects or more you may switch between them and manage your project list.

4. Each time you get back to your project after a break you may check the project history and keep up with what’s going on. When you look at a project, you'll see the last three updates right at the top.
Click "See all updates" to get the full history of your project. You can scroll all the way back to the beginning!

If you still have questions on any part of working process feel free to contact us at Our support team is always ready to help!

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