Schiphol Airport Publicidad exterior Baggage Fama Volat


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Sector Aeropuertos
Media Ambiente
Mercado Países Bajos
Agencia Fama Volat
Agencia de production
Publicado enero 2016

Creditos y descripciones

Brand: Schiphol/ Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
Media: Ambient
Category: Transport & Tourism
Agency: Fama Volat
Geo: Netherlands
Amsterdam Airport Schiphol: Baggage
A baggage car from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport gets lost like a tourist in Antwerp. It’s an advertising stunt for Schiphol because “Schiphol, is closer than you think.” Especially for people in Belgium who are accustomed to depart from Belgium Airports. The baggage car is driving through the main square, attracting all kinds of attention. The Dutch driver goes around asking how to get to Schiphol. Some people were helpful with instructions like “drive along the Schelde”, the river that runs in Antwerp, and “keep on for two kilometres then ask again”.
Advertising Agency: Fama Volat, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Concept: Thomas Creemers, Levi Sars, Jeroen Manders
Production: Wenneker Belgium
Published: January 2016