Axe Case study AXE DRY JAPAN LAUNCH 2012 ZERO SWEAT CHALLENGE [video] ADK Asatsu-DK Tokyo

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Sector Deodorants (en)
Media Case study
Mercado Japón
Agencia ADK Asatsu-DK Tokyo
Strategic Planner Kohei Fujimoto
Publicado octubre 2012

Creditos y descripciones

Advertiser: UNILEVER
Category: Internet Film Series
: Masayoshi Boku (Bascule)
Media Planner: Yasuyuki Hori (Asatsu-Dk)
: Yuta Ichikawa (Bravo)
Activation Planner: Katsuya Fujimoto (Asatsu-Dk)
Strategic Planner: Kohei Fujimoto (Asatsu-Dk)
AE: Hiroaki Saito (Asatsu-Dk)
PR Planner: Kazuko Arai (Asatsu-Dk)
AE: Mayuka Inaba (Asatsu-Dk)
AE: Tomoaki Miyauchi (Asatsu-Dk)
Client Brief Or Objective
Following the launch of AXE Dry in Japan, our challenge was to transform AXE Dry's functional claim "Zero Sweat" into cultural currency to the young male targets(15-29 years old) who don't tweet about antiperspirants to their friends.
To illustrate the relevancy and inspire positive conversation among youg male targets, we created an ultimate match event in mega cities (Tokyo & Osaka). Ultimate match pitted "AXE DRY" against sweat generating enemy "SUPER HOT CURRY." Young targets experienced the functional benefits of AXE DRY,"ZERO SWEAT," while eating this super hot curry and supported by AXE Angels. 2 day event was live broadcasted on brand site for broader reach by digital audience. AXE facebook page was constantly updated with teaser and live campaign information for target interaction and engagement.
The event was spread through the campaign website, facebook and PR impact on many news media and information sites. Campaign website reached 2.5million target consumers in 1 month. Over 400.000 joined event on the streets and live online. AXE facebook page was voted the most popular facebook page in Japan. AXE DRY share increased to 3.7% in the Male deodorant category.
This campaign is a testimonial for AXE DRY's key functional benefit "ZERO SWEAT." The setting of an ultimate sweat generating enemy "Super Hot Curry" was easily associated with a sweaty situation and captivated young targets. (Japanese generally have the image that eating hot curry makes you drip with sweat)