FITTING ROOM [video] E:MG para Federation Of Fitness And Aerobics Of Russia


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Sector Aparatos de gimnasio y fitness
Media Case study
Mercado Rusia
Agencia E:MG
Publicado abril 2013

Creditos y descripciones

Agency: E:MG
Category: Best Use of Ambient Media: Large Scale
Advertising campaign: FITTING ROOM
Art Director: Maxim Kolyshev (E:MG)
Chief Creative Officer: Anton Melnikov (E:MG)
Head Of Department Of Projects Implementation: Maria Semenova (E:MG)
Project Manager: Vladimir Vetrov (E:MG)
Creative Director: Maxim Kolyshev (E:MG)
Executive Creative Director: Tatiana Tarmogina (E:MG)
What stops people from doing fitness?Is it lack of time, money, fashionable uniform or a fitness-centre nearby?People are making up a lot of excuses but in most cases there is only one reason and it’s called laziness. The objective of the campaign was to remind people about their physical appearance.
We raised awareness about the possibility of doing fitness anytime and anywhere, and created a word-of-mouth effect making people pass the message further on.
In fitting rooms of large clothes stores, where people could see themselves from all angles we fixed mirrors that enlarge reflection. As a result people seemed to look much larger than they are. The message on the mirrors made people think about their physical appearance. The motto of the campaign called people to do fitness without postponing it for later.