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Sector Coches, SUV & Four Wheel Drive
Media Case study
Mercado Estados Unidos
Agencia Globalhue New York
Creative Director Dolph Kawalec
Publicado noviembre 2011

Creditos y descripciones

Category: Titanium and Integrated
Advertiser: JEEP
Product/Service: JEEP WRANGLER
Chief Creative Officer/Executive Creative Director: Vida Cornelious (Globalhue)
Creative Director: Dolph Kawalec (Globalhue)
Creatives: Jared Davis/Albert Loera (Globalhue)
Broadcast/Print Production: Cathy Antionello/William Riley/Michael Miller/Lori Maas (Globalhue)
Project Manager: Melissa Durbin (Globalhue)
Planning: Tom Luke/Liliana Vasquez (Globalhue)
Account Management: Dennis Castillo/Tom Shanahan/Estefania Calvachi (Globalhue)
Chief Executive Officer/Executive Producer: Kamau Akabueze (Relevant)
Creatives: Sean Tribble/Jim Lewin/Danny Lewin (Relevant)
Event Production: Akash Khokha/Shane Hurlbut/Greg Haggart (Relevant)
Creatives: Deepak Mehmi/Ryan Hryciuk/Steve Koch/Gary Alexander/Sebastian Spier (Sapient)
Digital Production: Kerry Aitcheson/Morgan Roddick/Fiona Ogilvie/Kevin Williams (Sapient)
Project Management: Andrea Page/Viktor Bezic/Janey Kastanis/Christian Schoepke (Sapient)
Account Management: Gregor Barry/Jj Peyton/Abby E. Marsden/Gina Lovisa (Sapient)
Jeep Advertising And Communications: Kim Adams-House/Kenyatta Bynoe (Chrysler Group)
TV Production/Post Production: Jeff Armstrong/Ben Dosset/Loni Peristere/Chris Jones/Erik Press/Susan M. Kurtz/D (Holmes - Defender Of The Faith/Zoic Studios)
Print/OOH Retouching/3D: Bob Scheffler/Mike Calloway (Scheffler Studio)
Media: Scott Russell/Brian Elliot/Denise Smith/Chris Mclaughlin/Alexis Best
Printing/Technology Implementation: Steve Libby/Ray Redmond (Carlson Print Group/Metro Media Technologies)
Media placement: Print Ad Insert - Complex; Antenna; Xbox - 11/11/11
Media placement: TV - USA National - 11/11/11
Media placement: Outdoor (OOH) Billboard - Los Angeles, New York, Chicago - 11/11/11

Describe the campaign/entry
When Jeep created the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Edition of the Jeep Wrangler, our challenge was not simply to sell the vehicle, but to use it as a way to drive engagement and consideration for the Jeep brand among our target consumer. We discovered that gamers live vicariously through Call of Duty and that by playing the game, they are able to experience a kind of action and adventure they assume only exists in media. We wanted gamers to see that they could experience the action and adventure of the virtual world in the real world. Our media included: TV, Print, OOH, Digital, Social, and Experiential.

Describe how the campaign/entry was launched across each channel in the order of implementation
- Digital: we created a mission-based Facebook game. Fans were given mission orders, and upon completing each mission, were entered into a sweepstakes.
- Experiential: We brought the game to life by creating a live-action thrill ride simulating a Special Forces mission.
- TV: Our TV commercials blurred the line between the real and virtual worlds and demonstrated the Jeep Wrangler’s dominance of both.
- Print: We used a Mylar overlay to demonstrate our message.
- OOH: With the use of electroluminescence technology, we created billboards that showed the Wrangler in the real world by day and the in the virtual world at night.

Give some idea of how successful this campaign/entry was with both client and consumer
The initial budget for the entire campaign was $1.2m. After being presented the idea, the client upped the budget to over $2m and even added another day of shooting to allow us to capture additional footage. Client saw a significant spike in Facebook 'likes' and the automotive and gaming blogospheres loved the campaign. The Ride-Along event was widely considered the best experience at the Call of Duty XP convention.