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Sector Videojuegos y consolas
Media Case study
Mercado España
Agencia Havas Sports & Entertainment Madrid
Executive Creative Director Jose Antonio Nogales
Art Director Cesar Garcia Miquel
Copywriter Julio Alvarez Pineda
Designer Luis Alfonso Gutiérrez, Jose Luis Perez
Publicado abril 2013


Cannes Lions 2013
Promo and Activation Lions Product & Service; Durable Goods Gold

Creditos y descripciones

Type of entry: Product & Service
Category: Durable Goods
Advertiser: KONAMI
Programmer: Ignacio Olid (Havas Sports/Entertainment)
Technical Director: Cesar Duque (Havas Sports/Entertainment)
Chief Editor: Jorge Gil (Havas Sports/Entertainment)
Designer: Luis Gutierrez (Havas Sports/Entertainment)
Designer: Jose Luis Perez (Havas Sports/Entertainment)
Production: Adrian Chinchilla (Havas Sports/Entertainment)
Head Of Production: Joaquin Garcia-Morato (Havas Sports/Entertainment)
Art Director: Cesar Garcia Miquel (Havas Sports/Entertainment)
Copywriter: Julio Alvarez Pineda (Havas Sports/Entertainment)
Executive Creative Director: José Antonio Nogales (Havas Sports/Entertainment)
Describe the brief from the client
For the launch of ‘PES 2013’ in Spain, Konami asked us to take on the challenge of turning their 9 million PES players in the world, into ambassadors for the videogame itself. Bypassing the more traditional channels, our goal was to convince them, in a way never tried before, that they were looking at the best football simulator.
Our strategy was to use the novel method of turning the product itself into a medium. We would communicate our advantage through the product as the most direct and honest way of connecting with every single one of our 9 million users and achieving 100% interaction.

Promotion Development

To demonstrate the realism of ‘PES 2013’ we wanted our users to live an experience for themselves and interact with the product.
We came up with an insight that could get to the heart of our target. We realised players all over the world share exactly the same dream: they want to feel that they are part of their favourite team. So what if they could actually become one of the players inside their favourite videogame?
We created ‘Enter the Game’, the first campaign ever to convert a videogame fan into the protagonist of their favourite game by becoming one of the players in it.


We generated more than 100 million impacts worldwide, turning ‘Enter the Game’ into one of the most talked-about news items on social networks, videogames blogs, in technology and press news, as well as on several TV news programmes in Spain and Latin America.
We made the product itself the hub of our campaign, making our 9 million online users interact with our campaign daily.
We achieved 3.2 million euros in Earned Media, and achieved a differential communication from our direct competitor, FIFA 2013, by using the product as our medium instead of using conventional communication channels.

Relevancy to Product/Service

Through a wager on innovation, we enhanced the videogame to allow users to become involved in a ground-breaking way. We offered a fan the opportunity of really becoming an active part of the videogame in a way never done before. As a result, today more than 9 million users no longer dream about being like their idols, but about actually playing alongside them as the winner of ‘Enter the Game’ did. We demonstrated the realism of ‘PES 2013’ and created engagement with our target, bringing them a campaign based on their true interests and dreams.