Asociacion Mexicana De Instituciones De Seguros / AMIS Case study THE INTRUDER Ogilvy & Mather Mexico


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Sector Seguros
Media Case study
Mercado México
Agencia Ogilvy & Mather Mexico
Director Manolo Cedillo
Creative Director Alejandro Beltran, David Sánchez Zacarías
Art Director Orlando López
Copywriter Alejandro Ortiz Izquierdo, Jorge Ramos
Producer Juan Pablo Osio
Photographer Fabián Dotor
Publicado mayo 2013


Cannes Lions 2013
Promo and Activation Lions Use of Promo & Activation; Best Use of Guerilla Marketing in a Promotional Campaign Bronze

Creditos y descripciones

Type of entry: Use of Promo & Activation
Category: Best Use of Guerilla Marketing in a Promotional Campaign
Advertiser: AMIS
Agency: OGILVY & MATHER Mexico City, MEXICO

Director: Manolo Cedillo (Home)
Planning: David Gonzalez (Ogilvy & Mather México)
Account Director: Miguel Velazquez (Ogilvy & Mather México)
Producer: Juan Pablo Osio (Ogilvy & Mather México)
Art Buyer: Ereth Bolaños (Ogilvy & Mather México)
Photographer: Fabián Dotor (Freeance)
Copywriter: Jorge Ramos (Ogilvy & Mather México)
Copywriter: Alejandro Ortiz Izquierdo (Ogilvy & Mather México)
Assistant Art Director: Luis Guerra (Ogilvy & Mather México)
Art Director: Orlando López (Ogilvy & Mather México)
Creative Director: Alejandro Beltrán (Ogilvy & Mather México)
Creative Director: David Sánchez Zacarías (Ogilvy & Mather México)
Vp Creative Services: Miguel Angel Ruiz (Ogilvy & Mather México)

Describe the brief from the client
The main objective of AMIS is to promote the culture of getting insured in Mexico. In this brief, the client wanted to create awareness regarding the serious problem that is car theft in the country, and the importance of having an anti-theft insurance.

They also wanted it to be a drive-to-web campaign, where people could find information in full detail regarding anti-theft insurances. The website they wanted to promote was:

Promotion Development

We left flyers on the windshields of the parked cars, which showed photographs of the same cars with an intruder inside, holding a message that invited them to get their car insured.

On the other side of the flyer, the car owners found an invitation to visit the association’s website, where they could find information regarding the advantages of anti-theft insurance.


“The Intruder” action was a success. Thanks to its implementation in the five parts of the city with the most car thefts, the impact was overwhelming.
Along with other actions AMIS made, there was a 34% increase on visits to the brand site

Relevancy to Product/Service

Through a personalized flyer that showed an intruder inside of people’s cars (a simple yet shocking idea) AMIS’ objective was achieved, which was to create awareness about the problem of car thefts.
Also, the culture of getting insured was promoted, which is one of the main tasks of AMIS.