Nike Case study MY TIME IS NOW, 4 [video] Akqa London, Wieden + Kennedy London

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MY TIME IS NOW, 4 [video]

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Sector Ropa de deporte
Media Case study
Mercado Reino Unido
Agencia Akqa London
Agencia Wieden + Kennedy London
Publicado abril 2013

Creditos y descripciones

Advertiser: NIKE
Category: Other Consumer Products (including Durable Goods)
Advertising campaign: MY TIME IS NOW
Partner: Adam Hiscock (MPG Spain)
Partner: Adrien Robert (Mindshare Portland)
Account Director: Dirk De Gooyer (Mindshare Nl)
Partner: Alistair Lennie (Mindshare Portland)
Account Director: Clare Sims (Mindshare WW)
Account Director: Krzysztof Chlebinski (Mindshare Poland)
Account Director: Lyndon Morant (Mindshare China)
Account Director: Ivor Van Maaren (Mindshare WW)
Account Director: Katarina Duvacova (Mindshare Czech)
Account Director: Stefano Migliore (Mindshare Italy)
Account Director: Dan Daynes (Mindshare Portland)
Account Director: Meltem Moral (Mindshare Turkey)
Account Manager: Oleg Tembotov (Mindshare Russia)
Account Director: Stella Liu (Mindshare China)
Account Director: Tobias Vogler (Mindshare Germany)
Partner: Jean Marc Gaudibert (Mindshare France)
Account Director: Julian Leeper (Mindshare UK)
Partner: Nick Ashley (Mindshare UK)
Partner: Oliver Joyce (Mindshare WW)
Digital Lead: Sean Lin (Mindshare Sea)
Result: Hunger translated into double digit sales growthCampaign result•Media drove the fastest ever views of a Nike film with 756 views per minute at launch.•The longest ever brand dwell time seen by Microsoft within a gaming environment.•In total we created over 67million minutes of brand engagement on-line.Business result“It created a ton of excitement on field, in-store and on-line that drove a double digit increase led by our replica apparel and our performance footwear” Charlie Denson, President of the Nike brand to Nike Inc. investors on September 27th 2012
Challenge: Win the battle for engagement.Nike would be out shouted in the Summer of 2012 by competitors investing over $150m in official sponsorship rights alone.Our battle was for engagement, focusing on core consumers, earning and rewarding their attention, dominating key moments and converting this to a greater share of sales.Opportunity: From spectators to participants.The Football Obsessed Teen isn’t simply a consumer of football, he is involved 24/7. The opportunity was to use media to evolve consumers from spectators to active participants in our communications.Insight: Only the hungry will rise.What matters today is what always mattered - hunger. You’ve got to want it more than anyone else.We wouldn’t put all of our campaign on a plate for people to consume. We would make them work for it.Idea: Media that rewards hunger. The more FOT sought, the greater the reward they would get.
Ignite hunger•The dominant brand in Munich at the UCL Final through OOH & ambient.•The most talked about brand during the UCL final through TV, OL and social.•Massive impact in Warsaw during the European Championships with game changing OOH & consumer hubs.Reward hunger•Hidden YouTube content with discovery prompted and amplified through social.•Extension of idea into Xbox with FOT’s receiving and sharing virtual rewards.•Blippr enabled print and interactive OOH enabled FOT’s to access more content.•High impact interactive formats reflecting FOT’s passion by posting their views on a daily basis.Enable hunger•Activity underpinned by The Chance, a real life opportunity for the hungriest players to showcase skills in social media which for some led to real life trials and a Nike contract.•Smart use of OL and mobile technology to link iconic players boots to retail activations whenever they scored.