The X-Treme Golf Cup [image] TBWA\Hakuhodo Tokyo para Nissan

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The X-Treme Golf Cup [image]

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Sector Hybrid Cars
Media Case study
Mercado Japón
Agencia TBWA\Hakuhodo Tokyo
Agencia de production AOI Pro.
Publicado abril 2016


Spikes ASIA 2016
Outdoor Ambient: Live Advertising & Events Bronze Spike

Creditos y descripciones

Client: Nissan Motor Co.
Product: X-Trail Hybrid
Entrant: Tbwa\Hakuhodo Tokyo, Japan
Idea: Tbwa\Hakuhodo Tokyo, Japan
Media: Tbwa\Hakuhodo Tokyo, Japan
Pr: Tbwa\Hakuhodo Tokyo, Japan
Editor: Jun
Chief Creative Officer: Kazoo Sato (TBWA\HAKUHODO Inc.)
Senior Creative Director: Takahiro Hosoda (TBWA\HAKUHODO)
Art Director: Masaru Uemura (TBWA\HAKUHODO)
Copy Writer: Nobuhiro Arai (TBWA\HAKUHODO)
Planner: Masato Goto (TBWA\HAKUHODO)
PR Planner: Hideyuki Kobayashi (TBWA\HAKUHODO)
Account Director: Satoshi Suzuki (TBWA\HAKUHODO)
Account Supervisor: Masakazu Kobayashi (TBWA\HAKUHODO)
Account Executive: Taisuke Kudo (TBWA\HAKUHODO)
Agency Producer: Tsutomu Hirakue (TBWA\HAKUHODO)
Interactive Producer: Kazuoki Uedo (TBWA\HAKUHODO)
Production Company Head Producer: Keisuke Mizusako (AOI Pro.)
Production Producer: Taro Iwato (AOI Pro.)
Production Manager: Takahide Suzuki (AOI Pro.)
Production Manager: Yuma Tanaka (AOI Pro.)
Director: Ken Fukuoka (Freelance)
Director: Shohei Goto (AOI Pro.)
Interactive Producer: Hisashi Nakamura (AOI Pro.)
Interactive Production Maneger: Arata Hiyajo (AOI Pro.)
Interactive Production Producer: YusukeYamanaka (AID-DCC Inc.)
Interactive Production Director: Daiki Koyama (AID-DCC Inc.)
Interactive Production Director: Kenjiro Nakayama (AID-DCC Inc.)
Technical Director: Masashi Ohashi (AID-DCC Inc.)
Engineer: Rahmat Hidayat (AID-DCC Inc.)
Engineer: Kenji Morisaki (AID-DCC Inc.)
Engineer: Tsubasa Yoha (AID-DCC Inc.)
Engineer: Yoshiaki Kajiyashiki (AID-DCC Inc.)
Brief Explanation
The world’s longest and toughest golf tournament proves Nissan’s X-Trail Hybrid’s performance.
We hosted the XTREME GOLF CUP, the world’s longest and toughest golf tournament with 18 holes spread across Japan. The players used the X-Trail Hybrid as golf carts while playing golf in all sorts of extreme environments such as deserts, cliffs, and dense forests. The utterly unimaginable sport tournament demonstrated and conveyed the unique product benefits of the X-Trail Hybrid.