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Sector Telecomunicaciones, Mobile applications
Media Case study
Mercado Egipto
Agencia Fortune Promoseven Cairo
Executive Creative Director Ahmed Hafez Youness
Creative Director Rami El Kerdani
Art Director Moemen El Siwi
Senior Copywriter Rana Kahiry
Publicado octubre 2016


Dubai Lynx 2017
Media Digital & Social: Use of Social Platforms Gold

Creditos y descripciones

Client: Orange
Product: Orange - Gahneely - Music Application
Agency: Fp7/Cai Cairo, Egypt
Entrant: Fp7/Cai Cairo, Egypt
Product/Service: Orange - Gahneely - Music Application
Idea Creation: Fp7/Cai Cairo, Egypt
Production: Fp7/Cai Cairo, Egypt
Ecd: Ahmed Hafez Youness (Fp7/Cai)
Cd: Rami El Kerdani (Fp7/Cai)
Art Director: Moemen El Siwi (Fp7/Cai)
Senior Copywriter: Rana Kahiry (Fp7/Cai)
Group Account Director: Sondos Effat (Fp7/Cai)
Account Director: Raghda El Maghrabi (Fp7/Cai)
Account Supervisor: Ramy Raafat (Fp7/Cai)
Account Supervisor: Hatem El Rashidi (Fp7/Cai)
Digital Unit Director: Hanaa Baghdadi (Fp7/Cai)
Digital Manager: Umar Achraf (Fp7/Cai)
Digital Project Supervisor: Yahia Hashem (Fp7/Cai)
Head of Planning: Naila Fattouh (Fp7/Cai)
Planning Supervisor: Mostafa Hashish (Fp7/Cai)
Head of Film Production Department: Heba Radwan (Fp7/Cai)
Producer: Inas Nagy (Fp7/Cai)
Producer: Moayad El Shenawy (Fp7/Cai)
Director: Tameem Youness (N/A)
Dop: Mihai Marius (N/A)
Composer: Wael Alaa (Neobyrd)
Executive Producer: Fadi Fahim (Lighthouse)
Editor: Ahmed Asem (Aroma)
Colorist: Karim Mira (Lizard)
Sound Designer: Hosny Ali (The Garage)
Website URL:
The Campaign:
Produced in the form of a music video, our creative idea was to give the Egyptian youth full control of our campaign; the same control they had when using our app, Ghaneely. Because the app gave them a wide selection of music options, artists and genres to enjoy whenever and wherever, so too did our campaign. Choreographed at a specific beat per minute, our music video was shot to ensure that any piece of music would work perfectly on the dance moves. Accordingly, our video invited our app users to choose the song they believed best fit the dance, and in doing so, create their own unique versions of our campaign. Therefore, without the engagement and participation of our audience, the campaign would cease to exist and remain music-less.
Creative Execution:
To invite people to the experience, The music video was launched on social media music-less, mimicking a popular YouTube trend and inviting audiences to select their own music to best compliment the dance. The teaser led viewers to a microsite that allowed them to experiment with different music choices, selecting from a playlist to create their own unique version of the clip. With over 90K unique sessions on the microsite, and over 110K likes and shares on social media, the campaign garnered more than 20 million views on social media. (try it for yourself through the URL above).
With dozens of fan authored spoofs, the Ghaneely campaign overall reached an estimate of over 20 million Egyptians on social media and through the micro-site. Our consumers actively engaged with an average visit duration of 3 minutes on the micro-site while social media racked up over 200,000 interactions and 15 million views. Ghaneely downloads set a new record for the service ROIs and surpassing the targeted number of downloads by 67.5% (134K downloads), bringing both awareness and brand perception up to their highest since the service's launch.
It’s quite a feat for a mega brand like Orange to opt for a campaign that is led mainly by digital and is purely digital in nature. This campaign was created with social and digital in mind, allowing and depending in fact on interactivity and audience engagement. Enabling easy participation, the campaign was orchestrated to enable user generated content, that would help amplify the campaign impact and make it a success. Tailored to the Egyptian youth, this campaign could not and would not have survived on any other medium.
Insights, Strategy and the Idea:
The strategic approach to this brief was to not be defensive! We weren’t going to compare our app to others, we weren’t going to justify why Ghaneely was worth considering. We weren’t going to try to convince those that use other apps to switch. After all, from the smart phone users in Egypt, only a fragment actually used these apps. Instead, we were banking on the vast majority of Egyptian youngsters who still didn’t have a music app on their phones and didn’t know why they would need one. Our plan was to go back to basics and excite audiences about the benefit of having such an app at their disposal. And why was a music app a must? Because YOU CONTROL YOUR OWN MUSIC.