Radioshack Case study GOODBYE 80S GSD&M Austin


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Sector Centros comerciales
Media Case study
Mercado Estados Unidos
Agencia GSD&M Austin
Executive Creative Director Jay Russell
Publicado noviembre 2013


Cannes Lions, 2014
CYBER LIONS Social: Influencer/Celebrity/Blogger Outreach Program BRONZE

Creditos y descripciones

Website URL
Social Media URL
Type of entry: Social
Category: Influencer/Celebrity/Blogger Outreach Program
Advertiser: RADIOSHACK
Agency: GSD&M Austin, USA

Entrant: GSD&M Austin, USA
Type of Entry: Social
Category: Influencer/Celebrity/Blogger Outreach Program
Entrant Company : GSD&M Austin, USA
Advertising Agency : GSD&M Austin, USA

Executive Creative Director: Jay Russell (GSD&M)
Group Creative Director: Scott Brewer/Ryan Carroll (GSD&M)
Creative Director/Writer: Tom Hamling (GSD&M)
Creative Director/Art Director: Tim Eger (GSD&M)
Executive Producer From GSD/M: Bill Wine (GSD&M)
Agency Producer: Alison Wagner/Flo Babbitt (GSD&M)
Experience/Insights: Klaudia Flanigin/Haley Rushing (GSD&M)
Account Service: Sabia Siddiqi/Elizabeth Perez/Nadia Elias/Lindsey Mongrain (GSD&M)
Business Affairs Mgr: Jennifer Kennedy/Laurie Pascoe (GSD&M)
Project Manager: Ryan Gallagher (GSD&M)
Executive Digital Producer: Paul Gallardo (GSD&M)
Digital Creatives: John Gasper/Matt Garcia/Kevin Taylor/Soli Moshfeghian (GSD&M)
VP Group Media Director: Carmen Graf (GSD&M)
Media: Sabrina Jordan/Mikael Greenlief/Daniel Leal/Jennifer Parchman/Jenna Mastalir (GSD&M)
Digital Strategy And Insights: Rye Clifton/Janice Suter/Dustin Marchant/Tyler Kerxhalli/Shi Sizhan/Chelsea Davi (GSD&M)

Creative Execution:
The Super Bowl spot was tagged with the message “Goodbye ‘80s @RadioShack. This launched a response-based social media campaign on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to get rid of all the old ‘80s stuff RadioShack no longer wanted. Things like “Beat-It” jackets, Pac-Man video games and even a 1987 Porsche. A new item was released every hour or so.

Celebrities like Hulk Hogan, Mary Lou Retton, Kid&Play, Erik Estrada and Dee Snider from Twisted Sister asked followers that were interested in a particular item to respond with a funny caption for the piece they wanted to win. Each item was branded with a unique hashtag to promote social sharing.

Our strategy worked:
During the Super Bowl, RadioShack owned 5 of Twitter’s Top 10 trending topics. Including 4 at one time. In total, we had 8 trending topics on Twitter.

In 48 hours, RadioShack increased Twitter followers by 22,000, generated 42,000 entries for “Goodbye 80s” items and earned over 100,000 organic Tweets.

RadioShack social mentions increased by 2,200% during the game (compared to other advertisers who averaged 600%).

RadioShack trended on Facebook for 48 hours.

The day after the game was one of the worst financial days of the year and RadioShack’s stock price jumped an amazing 7%.

RadioShack was the best electronics store of the 80s.
The problem is, they never left the 80's.
Their outdated perception was so bad that RadioShack had become a national joke to late night talk shows and the rest of the media.

Our goal? To change this outdated, 80s perception in just one night. The “Goodbye 80s” social campaign launched during Super Bowl 48 – the most watched TV event in US history…and the busiest day in Twitter history.

By using the 80s celebrities from the TV spot to help get rid of classic 80s memorabilia, RadioShack was able to attack the issue head-on. These celebrities let the world know that the 80s are over for good. It’s time for the future of RadioShack.