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Imagination Machine

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Sector Aerolineas
Media Case study
Mercado Países Bajos
Agencia Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam
Director John Filipe
Producer Charlie Ledbetter
Strategic Planner Nick Docherty
Editor Robin Pijpers
Publicado mayo 2015


Cannes Lions, 2015

Creditos y descripciones

Advertiser: S7 AIRLINES
Geo: The Netherlands
Installation sound design: Alex Nicholls-Lee, Juan Pablo Thummler, Randall Macdonald(Wave Studios)
Producer: Charlie Ledbetter(Tellart)
Studio team: Jackie Barbour, Noa Redero(Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam)
Head of Broadcast Production: Joe Togneri(Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam)
Director: John Filipe(Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam)
Creative Technologist: Kees Plattel(Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam)
Account team: Kirk Johnsen, Nick Campion, Yulia Prokhorova(Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam)
Executive Creative Directors: Mark Bernath & Eric Quennoy(Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam)
Creative Directors: Matt Cottam, Paul Skinner(Tellart)
Strategic Planner: Nick Docherty(Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam)
PM, Business Affairs: Stacey Prudden, Kacey Kelley(Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam)
Client Management team: Tatiana Fileva, Eleonora Romanova, Alexandra Komarova, Alexandra Gribkova(S7 Airlines)
Creatives: Vasco Vicente & Evgeny Primachenko(Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam)
Design & Tech team: Christian Ervin, Zaza Zuilhof, Pierluigi Dalla Rosa, Kuan-Ju Wu, Ivor Williams(Tellart)
Creative Directors: Daniel Schaefer & Szymon Rose(Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam)
Client Marketing and Brand team: Irina Kolesnikova, Natalya Kozlova, Elena Elsukova, Tatiana Yaichnikova, Irina Z(S7 Airlines)
Broadcast Producer: Judd Caraway(Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam)
Head of Interactive Production: Kelsie Van Deman(Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam)
Film producer: Pavel Ananich(Operator)
Editor: Robin Pijpers(Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam)
Creative Execution
The Imagination machine turns brains into game controllers.
By focusing on their dream destination, participants navigate a virtual plane on a 2-meter projection-mapped globe using the power of their imagination. The EEG headset sends brainwave data to an algorithm that calculates the flight path in real-time and maps it on the globe. When the game begins two paths appear on the globe – one ideal direct path to the destination, and one that follows the user’s level of focus. The more focused participants are on their destination, the closer the plane stays to the ideal flight path.
The Imagination Machine stunt was held in Moscow’s Afimall City mall. Over 200 people took part throughout the day. In the end, 49 people won but The Imagination Machine left everyone thinking about the place of their dreams and an airline that can take them there.
- 4.500+ new S7 Airlines loyalty program members on the stunt day.
- Bookings increased by 20%.
- Unique site visitors increased by 53%.
- The story was covered by leading global media, achieving 82+ million earned views in the first week.
- The event film received 1.3+million views in the first week.
S7 Airlines, Russia’s third biggest carrier, has a reputation for innovation. But few people are aware of S7 Airlines’ partnership with ‘oneworld’ (the world's premier airline alliance) and even fewer appreciated what that meant for them as travellers. Our task was to give the brand new stature by communicating that S7 can connect Russian travelers to 900+ destinations worldwide. Our audience of demanding Russian travellers have high standards and are drawn to brands with a unique point of view rather than just facts and stats, so our priority was to create a strong emotional connection.
This led to our campaign task; “to put the wonder back into air travel”, our insight; “the place of your dreams is just one flight away”.
Our idea: The Imagination Machine - fly a virtual plane to the place of your dreams using just the power of your imagination.