Transavia Airlines Case study Holidays On Demand Les Gaulois

Holidays On Demand

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Sector Agencias de viajes, operadores turísticos
Media Case study
Mercado Francia
Agencia Les Gaulois
Chief Creative Officer Scher Gilbert, Aurelien Bigot, Cécile Rubin
Art Director Scher Gilbert, Aurelien Bigot, Cécile Rubin
Copywriter Scher Gilbert, Aurelien Bigot, Cécile Rubin
Agencia de production HRCLS
Publicado marzo 2016


Cannes Lions 2016
Media Sectors: Travel, Transport & Leisure Bronze Lion
Promo And Activation Use of Promo & Activation: Use of Broadcast Bronze Lion
Cyber Web Campaign: Travel, Transport & Leisure Bronze Lion

Creditos y descripciones

Agency: Les Gaulois
Brand: Transavia
Country: France
Advertising Agency: Les Gaulois, Puteaux
Entrant Company: Les Gaulois, Puteaux
Media Agency: Les Gaulois, Puteaux
Pr Agency: Les Gaulois, Puteaux
Production Company: Les Gaulois, Puteaux
Additional Company: Les Gaulois, Puteaux
Chief Creative Officer, Art Director, Copywriter: Gilbert Scher, Aurélien Bigot, Cécile Rubin (Les Gaulois)
Campaign Description:
Transavia partnered up with CanalPlay, the leader of SVOD in France, to create Holidays on Demand, a new option present alongside each film in the platform’s catalogue. The users who chose the HOD option discovered that they could not only watch their movie, but also instantly get the plane ticket to head off and live it. So Gladiator led to a ticket to Rome, Notting Hill to London and Casablanca to…Casablanca. Overall, more than 120 movies were linked to Transavia destinations.
Since 2014, Transavia, the AirFrance/KLM group’s low cost airline, has been working to make air travel even more accessible, through alternatives inspired by the daily lives of French people.
-5.5 million impressions -320 500 users of the HOD button -6 814 000 unique visitors reached-More than 4 million views for the VOL plan-+14% in tickets sold during the campaign-+22% in Google searches
Transavia destinations were matched to the films in the CanalPlay catalogue. More than 120 films were analysed in order to find the perfect combinations with the company’s destinations. The combinations were arranged according to the locations the film was shot in and/or the imagery linking the two. The HOD option was integrated into the platform’s interface as a viewing option, in the same way as HD or 4K. The HOD button was designed so that it would perfectly integrate into the Canal Play interface, whilst still keeping the Transavia colour to provoke curiosity amongst users. Tickets could be instantly purchased on the platform, or after redirection to for more options.In January 2016, the campaign was made available to the public on the CanalPlay site and TV platform for 3 weeks. The accompanying media campaign involved:-A strong digital campaign to generate visibility and traffic (Display & VOL)-A powerful social amplification
Transavia’s strategy is to highlight the accessibility of air travel in the daily lives of French People. In 2016, SVOD platforms have proven to be amongst the digital interfaces most in demand with the French. With the images provoked by films strongly linked to travel and escape, SVOD therefore emerged as a strategic meeting point between Transavia and its potential consumers. 2 strategic strong points are coordinating: -The notion of the accessibility of air travel clearly brought about by engaging with the consumer in their daily life. -The emotional value of the plane ticket on offer, linked to images surrounding the film in the mind of the consumer.