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Media Design & Branding, Case study, Making of
Mercado Alemania
Agencia Bmw
Agencia Paramount Pictures
Agencia Propaganda Pictures
Publicado octubre 2011

Creditos y descripciones

Category: Best integrated content campaign
Advertiser: BMW
Agency: BMW
Executive Vice President Worldwide Marketing: Leeanne Stables (Paramount Pictures)
Chief Executive Officer: Ruben Igielko-Herrlich (Propaganda Gem)
Media placement: TV Campaign - TV Channels - 15 October 2011
Media placement: Trailer - Trade Shows, Events - 15 September 2011
Media placement: Print - Magazines - 15 October 2011

Campaign Description
Given that this was a global entertainment program, all negotiations were handled with the main studio/distribution partners in the USA (mother company), as well as with local distributors in order to tailor the program for each market – language, text, release date, etc.

To emotionalize BMW´s brand image and promote the most recent models (BMW Vision, BMW 1 Series, BMW X3, BMW 6 Series, BMW ConnectedDrive).
To intrigue and attract new customers and generate leads.
To demonstrate BMW´s avant-garde position in car-technology (ConnectedDrive) in an entertaining environment.

Without BMW's vehicles and technology, Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) could not be a special agent, as he requires a special car. For this consummate driver only the most sophisticated, powerful and highly technologically-advanced vehicles will do. By assimilating BMW´s core brand values to the storyline's requirements, BMW was able to successfully identify, negotiate, create and manage a perfectly fitting film project and promotional program. The program elements were tailored to each single BMW model´s role in the movie, its USP and its target group - thus providing the BWM markets/dealers with a highly versatile campaign. The program ran over 6 months and was divided into 3 phases, each having their (BMW model) highlights.

The promotion included press releases, trade shows, a BMW Magazine, posters, trailers, and a BMW Mission Microsite. Over 70 markets were involved in further communicating this program through a 360-degree campaign through TVC, Print, POS, CRM, product events, screenings and sponsoring film premieres in several countries. The BMW Welt (Munich) was turned into an outstanding location for hosting the film´s European Premiere. An exhibition of the movie's original cars at the BWM Museum (Munich) hosted a global press conference. BMW applied the campaign to in-house communication channels (BMW TV, 'Managementletter', BMW Group Newspaper, Dealer Bulletin, BMW Intranet) preparing and exciting more than 100,000 BMW employees to participate in the program.

All in all this was a truly global, integrated and versatile campaign, not only promoting the movie but more so creating a unique partnership between two global players with benefits for all parties.

Phase 1:
A press release and presence at the Frankfurt Motorshow (IAA) generated online/offline buzz and awareness.
Phase 2:
BMW applied the campaign for the launch of the new BMW 6 Series mainly via advertising online and events attracting audience and potential customers to the dealer showroom.
Phase 3:
BMW called out for action and involvement, integrated the new BMW 1 Series into the communication program and provided BMW dealers the option for exclusive screenings, thus creating an unforgettable experience for their customers. Sponsoring the worldwide premieres and hosting the European premiere in the BMW Welt generated substantial media exposure.

Reach with Movie Placement (to date):
US$660m box office
85m audience members
13m clicks on YouTube
4.52m references on Google (BMW+Mission)

Reach with Campaign:
70 BMW markets activated campaigns
1,200 BMW dealers participated
90,000 customers participated in 'BMW Mission' events (screenings, dealer events)
1.1b contacts via ATL/BTL

In most markets, directly related sales were generated.
Example: In the USA, 44% of BMW US dealers held sales events in Nov/Dec for the 'BMW Mission to Drive Sales Event' (a total of 152 dealer centres).
Over 5,000 people registered for these events (35%).
30 days from the start of the events, 3,239 vehicles had been sold to people who attended the events.