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Sector Cerveza
Media Design & Branding, Case study, Making of
Mercado Reino Unido
Agencia hypernaked
Creative Director Oliver Green
Publicado noviembre 2011

Creditos y descripciones

Category: Best integrated content campaign
Advertiser: HEINEKEN
Product/Service: FOSTER'S
Brand Director: Gayle Harrison (Heineken)
Brand Manager: Niall Mckee (Heineken)
Partner/Client Service Director: Ruth Barton (Hypernaked)
Partner/Strategy Director: Tom Puukko (Hypernaked)
Partner/Creative Director: Oliver Green (Hypernaked)
Senior Account Manager: Stephanie Wright (Hypernaked)
Strategist: Matthew Day (Hypernaked)
Account Director: Jim Matthews (Lean Mean Fighting Machine)
Senior Planner: Steve Parker (Lean Mean Fighting Machine)
Senior Account Director: Katy Stolliday (Frank PR)
Account Director: Lucy Newson (Frank PR)
Account Manager: James Roberts (Mediavest)
Media placement: Video - Online - 4-07-2011
Media placement: Video - Online - 10-11-2011
Campaign Description
There are 2 aspects of the UK branded content environment that are of key importance to our brief:
• Alcohol marketing heavily regulated
- Despite relaxed product placement rules in the UK, alcohol is still banned from appearing in TV formats beyond advertising
- Wary of a future where TV alcohol advertising is completely banned in the UK, marketers are investing in their owned spaces and developing engagement platforms online and through sponsorships
- In this context, brands that develop strong entertainment properties will be best placed to endure future regulation
• Online content overload
- Between online video, smartphone video consumption and good old fashioned TV, our audience are exposed to 8.5 hours of video content per day
- Broadcasters and web media brands are the fastest growing provider: a combined quarterly run rate that now surpasses 700m streams.
- The amount of online branded content is also at an all-time high, now accounting for 26% of overall marketing spend
- Online branded entertainment faces a huge amount of competition from both other brands and the entertainment industry itself
For us, this means we have to create quality, high value, never been seen before content.
The Challenge:
The long alcoholic drinks market has declined 8% in the last 4 years - 10m hectolitres lost from the category. Foster’s needed to differentiate in this commoditised category.
Our Objectives:
Create an engagement platform to entice Foster’s ‘Tribal Drinker’ audience to spend more time with the brand.
Drive core brand differentiation metrics: Affinity, Popularity and Momentum.
The ‘Tribal drinker’ media landscape is saturated with high quality entertainment.
We identified comedy as a territory relevant to the brand and audience. We then committed ourselves to the space, with a pincer strategy to infiltrate top level of comedy and the grassroots of the culture
At the cult level, we partnered with revered comedy clubs like the Comedy Store and the globally respected Edinburgh Comedy Awards.
To establish ourselves as a genuine content player, we created Foster’s Funny Productions, aimed at making Foster’s a driving force in the creation of the world’s best comedy.
We invested in the biggest names in UK comedy, giving them something traditional broadcasters wouldn’t – complete creative freedom
We created a suite of comedy content with the most famous names in British comedy:
Alan Partridge Mid Morning Matters: A new online friendly bitesize series with Steve Coogan’s legendary character
Vic and Bob’s Afternoon Delights: Shot by the talent on handheld cameras, bringing new experimentation and energy
The Fast Show: An iconic classic, revitalised by Foster’s for the digital age
We distributed the content utilising new technologies such a Facebook media app and social blogging site Tumblr, as well as our branded YouTube page allowing our content to live everywhere
We have supported the content with 360 degree marketing campaigns: a targeted mix of PR, posters, digital, events and TV sponsorship on Channel 4.
We built our strategy around distributing the content to as many consumer touch points as possible: including partnerships, PR, seeding, outreach and video hosting sites.
The key drivers of audience interest are:
- Working with the iconic UK talent
We worked with famous comedy talent (eg Steve Coogan) who are already part of our audience’s entertainment repertoire with a PR hook baked in.
- Fame driving activity
Launch events, press interviews, blogger outreach, media partnerships and large format outdoor support ensure our content cuts through.
- Tactical Digital
The content is supported with relevant, contextual, targeted advertising to eyeballs at key moments.
The Foster’s comedy platform has been recognised as an innovative, ground-breaking approach to branded content.
With the Audience:
- Over 6% UK population reach with over 7m views
- Impacted tens of millions of people
- Coverage yielded a 3.6m PR value
- Our content has gone on to appear on DVDs and Sky TV, and has been nominated for multiple comedy awards
- Foster’s Funny productions is now approached as a commissioner by comedy producers
For the Client
- Millward Brown brand tracking data showed uplift in key affinity measures since the comedy platform launched
- Emotional Affinity: 9.0 pp. increase
- Momentum: 9.9pp increase
- Popularity: 7.8pp increase
- From a sales perspective Foster’s has delivered a category share increase of +0.5pp in the on-trade and +9% in the off trade
- The innovative content strategy has been credited by the client as playing an instrumental role in achieving these results.