Internet Explorer Design & Branding, Case study, Making of THE PATH TO VICTORY 41? 29!


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Sector Software y Multimedia
Media Design & Branding, Case study, Making of
Mercado Turquía
Agencia 41? 29!
Creative Director Seren Koroglu
Art Director Lutfu Kırdar
Copywriter Ahmet Terzioglu, Yigit Deger Bengi
Illustrator Koray Kuranel
Publicado noviembre 2011

Creditos y descripciones

Category: Best brand or product integration into an existing TV show or series
Advertiser: MICROSOFT
Product/Service: INTERNET EXPLORER 9
Agency: 41? 29!
Agency President: Alemsah Ozturk (41? 29!)
Brand Manager: Burcu Gurbuz (41? 29!)
Project Manager: Serhat Marasligil (41? 29!)
Creative Director: Seren Koroglu (41? 29!)
Art Director: Lutfu Kırdar (41? 29!)
Illustrator: Koray Kuranel (41? 29!)
Copywriter: Yigit Deger Bengi (41? 29!)
Copywriter: Ahmet Terzioglu (41? 29!)
Technical Director: Hidayet Bayraktar (41? 29!)
Developer: Gunay Sert (41? 29!)
Front-End Developer: Emre Cakmakci (41? 29!)
Animation: Enis Kilic (41? 29!)
Junior Art Director: Emir Anarat (41? 29!)
Music Director: Zeynep Bozok (41? 29!)
Media placement: CASE FILM - Online - 15 November 2011

Campaign Description
The Turkish government heavily regulates branded entertainment, and there are limits to what kind of branded content can be shown on TV. The web, on the other hand, is fairly unregulated which is the reason why we came up with the approach of pulling users to the web, and sharing with them original and innovative content that’s highly relevant to what they watch and like on TV.

This project was executed for Internet Explorer 9, and the poor perception of previous versions of Internet Explorer was the main challenge of the project. We needed to create something that would be interesting enough to draw an audience, but also innovative enough to showcase the capabilities of IE9. This is how we came up with the idea to partner with content that’s already hugely popular in Turkey, and to transform the content to HTML5 in order to demonstrate the immersive experience that Internet Explorer 9 provides.
The Magnificent Century is a Turkish TV show that highlights the Ottoman Empire’s most victorious years. Ever since the very first episode, it has generated huge hype and is still the leading series despite being in its second season. It has really captivated the Turkish audience due to its powerful storytelling and successful cast.
We decided to combine these 2 elements and create a magnetic content that would prove that the world's fastest browser can tell the story of world's fastest victory.
We created an interactive graphic novel that unfolds the story of the Mohac war, a battle between Ottoman and Hungarian Empires, which is famous for the victory won in just 2 hours. We used HTML5, music and high quality animated illustrations to create this amazing storytelling piece. Even though this battle was the theme of 1 of the episodes of the series, we created new content to enhance the story, thereby producing an extension to the series and providing the audience with compelling content that would generate interest in the site.

TV Series: (Used mainly to capture the audience of the series) The URL for the website was displayed during this episode. This URL displayed at the end of episodes along with the website for the TV series.
TV PR: (Used to capture sporadic viewers of the series who might have missed the placements during the show) We had interviews on TV news and talk shows.
Print PR: Featured in newspapers, magazines, many different audiences, TV, technology, celebrity news, and general entertainment.
Display Campaign: Banners on Messenger and the MSN portal, video sites through page skins, daily takeovers, prerolls.
Digital PR: We employed Twitter, Facebook.

The page received over 115k visitors from 105 countries, generating over 146k page views. 10% of visitors returned to the site to experience it again. The project generated over 300 news articles & press interviews, and was shared over 5,000 times through Facebook, Twitter, and blogs.
Many of the tweets and blog posts mentioned that this project is a first for Microsoft Turkey, and commended the company on content & innovation in marketing which they did not expect from Microsoft or Internet Explorer. In this context, the project was also successful in improving brand image among techies and influencers.
The IE9 market share increased over 3.5% in the 2 months following the launch of the project.