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Sector Servicios bancarios y financieros
Media Design & Branding, Case study, Making of
Mercado España
Agencia *S,C,P,F... Barcelona
Publicado octubre 2011

Creditos y descripciones

Category: Best use or integration of digital media
Agency: S
Media placement: TV Campaign / online - TV Channels / online / radio - 17.10.2011

Campaign Description
In Spain, branded entertainment is gradually being assigned greater importance. An example is (an online miniseries that promotes brands), in which the series contents are followed with a product presentation and a series-product hashtag is created to make the product more dynamic. Product placement as a regular technique for enticing customers is still, however, much more common in Spain.

While MEPs and publishers’ associations favour the self-regulation of advertising and a flexible regulatory framework, in Spain there also exists a body called Autocontrol, which undertakes to ensure that advertising is legal, honest and fair. It essentially both guarantees that materials are not unethical, and acts as a measure to prevent possible censure. In the financial sector, in which our campaign was run, strict controls (imposition of a legal notice and guarantees that information is neither partial nor ambiguous, etc.) are applied.

The panorama raised a genuine challenge: an unstable economic situation and uncertainty, prompting individuals to prioritise short-term needs; the banking sector’s damaged image; competitors who are very active in advertising; and a range of savings products that could not be differentiated from those of the bank’s competitors.

Objectives :
- To win new clients.
- To establish the loyalty of current clients.
- To continue raising awareness of the bank and brand image.
- To capitalise on the ‘conversations’ format.
- To position Banco Sabadell as a bank for the future that wishes to talk and establish a long-term relationship with clients.

- To stop focusing on the specific and seasonal product and instead run a brand campaign that would enable us to continue raising awareness.
- To emphasise the ‘relationship’ and convey the bank’s desire to establish an amenable long-term relationship with its clients.
- To stop talking about ‘saving’ and instead emphasise something much more ambitious: the future.
- To group together different savings and pensions products under the name Planes Personalizados de Futuro (Personalised Future Plans), which conveys the idea of tailored services, quality advice, knowledge of the client and a long-term relationship.

Execution :
Renowned figures from the world of sport (Pep Guardiola), science (Luis Rojas Marcos), film (Fernando Trueba, Geraldine Chaplin), architecture (Oriol Bohigas), music (Luz Casal, Loquillo, Estrella Morente), television (José Corbacho) and diplomacy (Inocencio Arias) were chosen. It was precisely the huge differences among them that provided for the generation of unique, varied and nuance-rich content.
In the talks, the figures shared knowledge they have acquired over the years, their dreams come true, unresolved issues, long-term relationships, experience and wisdom.
The campaign appeared on TV, at the cinema, on the radio, in print, on exterior advertising and on the Internet.

The audience were very much attracted, as we succeeded in generating interesting content that was not geared to sell a product, but rather to show another aspect of a subject (the future). It featured prestigious, credible figures such as Guardiola, whose media impact was considerable as he dealt with the future at a time when the renewal of his contract at FC Barcelona remains unresolved. We succeeded in appropriating a format (face-to-face) associated with government debates, with interviews on late-night television programmes or with sports interviews. Twitter users, meanwhile, created hashtags with proposals for new pairs of figures.

The campaign was a resounding success and prompted a 38.1% increase in uptake over the previous quarter (and a total of 286,560 new clients in 2011), the bank’s highest ever shares of awareness (over 4 times the sum awareness of our competitors), quantified advertising of almost €1m, over 1.2m views on YouTube and 487,000 entries in Google, making the face-to-face format our very own.