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Your Money Has Never Been More Valuable

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Sector Organizaciones benéficas, fundaciones, voluntarios
Media Design & Branding, Case study
Mercado Alemania
Agencia Scholz & Friends Berlin
Chief Creative Officer Matthias Spaetgens
Creative Director Mathias Rebmann, Björn Kernspeckt
Art Director Patrick Pichler, Wolfgang Warzilek
Copywriter Andrea Senzel
Publicado enero 2016


D&AD Awards, 2016
Graphic Design Applied Print Graphics Yellow Pencil

Creditos y descripciones

Agency: Scholz & Friends Berlin, Germany
Client: Dfc Deutsche Fundraising Company
Product: United For Africa
Entrant: Scholz & Friends Berlin, Germany
Title: Donate For Africa. Your Money Has Never Been More Valuable.
Product/Service: United For Africa
Idea Creation: Scholz & Friends Berlin, Germany
Chief Creative Officer: Matthias Spaetgens (Scholz & Friends)
Managing Creative Director: Robert Krause (Scholz & Friends)
Creative Director: Mathias Rebmann (Scholz & Friends)
Creative Director: Björn Kernspeckt (Scholz & Friends)
Art Director: Patrick Pichler (Scholz & Friends)
Art Director: Wolfgang Warzilek (Scholz & Friends)
Copywriter: Andrea Senzel (Scholz & Friends)
Account Manager: Sebastian Wiczak (Scholz & Friends)
Account Manager: Yvonne Haupt (Scholz & Friends)
Strategist: Gerald Hensel (Scholz & Friends)
Print Producer: Benito Schumacher (Scholz & Friends)
Website URL: http://www.donateforafrica.com
The Campaign
To support the European campaign #DonateforAfrica we developed removable stickers for euro bills. With easy to understand icons they point out the enormous value of the donated bill in Africa. The stickers refer tot he campaign’s website where people can make a donation and order free stickers.
Creative Execution
We developed removable stickers for euro bills that point out the value of the donated amount in Africa with easy to understand icons. Since people should discover the message of this everyday object at second glance, the colours and typography had to blend into their surroundings. To achieve a blurred effect, we experimented with several materials. Finally the stickers were made of transparent, thin and soft PVC foil, so the haptic resembles the bill’s material and the foil doesn’t damage the bill and can be removed easily.
Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market
Already within the first months people from different European countries ordered the stickers. In addition to celebrities, bars, restaurants, companies and the media, thousands of private persons supported the project. PAGE reported on it, Talenthouse (1,400,000 Fans), Design made in Germany (250,000 unique users per month) and Focus Online (17,000,000 unique users per month) helped to spread the message.
With very little investment UNITED FOR AFRICA collected more than 4 million litres of clean drinking water, 50,000 vaccinations, 10,000 school books, 4,500 lifesaving meals and
000 portions of baby food. And the campaign is still running.
Due to the fact that the stickers don’t depend on language, our target group includes every person from the age of 16 in the entire euro zone. To reach as many people as possible in different European countries, the euro bill is the perfect medium to spread our message, because nothing circulates as fast as money. Additionally it helps people to imagine the concrete aid UNITED FOR AFRICA can provide with a certain amount of money. The website explains the project and links to the project’s initiator, where people can make a donation.
In May, coinciding with Africa Day, the website was launched and the first press release was sent out. National celebrities, design blogs, companies, restaurants, bars and thousands of private persons supported the project and put the stickers into circulation.