Swedish Armed Forces (SwAF) Design & Branding, Case study Fmtk DDB Stockholm


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Sector Gobiernos y otras autoridades , Mobile applications
Media Design & Branding, Case study
Mercado Suecia
Agencia DDB Stockholm
Creative Director Fredrik Simonsson, Magnus Jacobsson
Copywriter David Alledal
Designer Andre Karlsson, Jesper Hellzen
Photographer Daniel Blomberg
Publicado abril 2016


Eurobest Awards 2016
Design Digital Design Bronze Eurobest
Digital Craft Function: User Experience Design (ux) Bronze Eurobest

Creditos y descripciones

Agency: Ddb Stockholm, Sweden
Client: Swedish Armed Forces
Product: Fmtk
Entrant: Ddb Stockholm, Sweden
Title: Fmtk
Product/Service: Fmtk
Idea Creation: Ddb Stockholm, Sweden
Creative Director: Fredrik Simonsson (DDB Stockholm)
Creative Director: Magnus Jacobsson (DDB Stockholm)
Copywriter: David Alledal (DDB Stockholm)
Business Director: Jacob Sandström (DDB Stockholm)
Account Director: Charlotta Sandström Lindberg (DDB Stokcholm)
Account Manager: Camilla Ryttare (DDB Stockholm)
Head of Digital Operations: Roshanak Fatahian (DDB Stockholm)
Digital Director: Jon Dranger (DDB Stockholm)
Technical Director: Michael Lockner (DDB Stockholm)
Senior Digital Designer: Petter Eriksson (DDB Stockholm)
Digital Designer: Jesper Lifvendahl (DDB Stockholm)
Graphic Designer: Ian Josephson (DDB Stockholm)
Graphic Designer: Patrick Emt (DDB Stockholm)
Print Buyer: Anna Hellenberg (DDB Stockholm)
Concept and UX Director: Tor Hauksson (DDB Stockholm)
Planners: Cornelia Wangel (DDb Stockholm)
Digital Strategist: Sebastian Elmblad (DDB Stockholm)
Designer: Jesper Hellzen (DDB Stockholm)
Repro Manager: Christian Björnehag (DDB Stockholm)
Executive Producer: Mattias Coldén (DDB Stockholm)
Photographer: Daniel Blom (Daniel Blom Photography)
-: Mats Olofsson (Pixl Family)
-: Tobias Norman (Redpipe)
Tech Lead: Fredrik Giliusson (BBH Stockholm)
Producer: Jonny Nylund (BBH Stockholm)
Producer: Malin Gundmark (BBH)
Lead Developer: Sergei Karetnikov (BBH Stockholm)
Lead Developer: Timmy Jonsson (BBH Stockholm)
UX: Hannes Wikström (BBH Stockholm)
Designer: Andre Karlsson (BBH Stockholm)
Website URL: http://fmtk.se
The Campaign
We saw an opportunity to make the Swedish Armed Forces relevant to the public in general and the young target audience in particular while preparing recruits for the physical demands faced when joining our organization. Also the Swedish Armed Forces can not stand aside and watch as the public health declines.
So we started FMTK (Swedish Armed Forces Sports Club) and launched our old strength-stamina-mobility-no gear-whatever the situation-whenever the time- philosophy, in a new way.
To get people moving, the workout has got to be easily accessible, simple and back to basics and to optimize the reach in our target audience we decided to launch our philosophy in a new way, trough a mobile app. The FMTK-app became the essence of the campaign but also the natural hub for long-term communication.
All you needed was your own body and some willpower. And the FMTK app.
Creative Execution
Our main focus was to make a user friendly app, where you could perform a complete workout without being disturbed by technical UI obstacles. By designing a dynamic framework that let the user focus on what is most important for the moment we created a sense of control. This led to a smooth and intuitive user flow. The design system should reflect the Armed Forces by giving a trustworthy, yet modern expression. It should feel structured, functional and reliable, but also with a human and inviting touch. The system never uses excessive decoration. Instead, the content must take place and speak for itself.
The phone itself is acting adequate framing. Distance, air and margins are used as design elements in order to separate and structure the content. The design is clearly contemporary yet distinctive and unique. The visual style cannot be anyone other than the Armed Forces.
Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market
We focused on one clear KPI when it came to reach; downloads of the FMTK-app. Our goal was 30 000 downloads the first six weeks. After four weeks 180 000 people had downloaded the app, we had 140 000 members and 80 000 started workouts. Six weeks after launch the app have been downloaded 208 000 times, surpassing the initial goal by 594% and FMTK became Sweden’s third largest training community.
FMTK has been #1 in both App Store and Google Play and was recently awarded ”Best New App” and ”Editor ?s Choice” in App Store. The FMTK-app has been viewed 884 000 times in App Store only and our podcast has been listened to
95 000 times.
The Launch Campaign itself scored all time high in Ad Liking, Observations and Advertising Attributes.
The strategy was to develop an ecosystem rather then a single product. The FMTK app was the centre core and a website, podcast and social media sprung out from it. To reach long term commitment and a flexible product that attracts our target audience, a scalable app was the only way to go. The FMTK app became the essence of the Swedish Armed Forces training philosophy.
The process started with a pilot followed by research and insights that led to the concept .The concept was tested and when the results came back we designed a product with great focus on the user experience. We then implemented the code on all three mayor mobile platforms and launched a Beta to 50000 employees, to get helpful feedback and the chance to release a truly useful app. The public launch was a success and exceeded our expectations by 594%.