Kim Jong-uns Prison para Amnesty International

Kim Jong-uns Prison

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Sector Human Rights
Media Design & Branding
Mercado China
Agencia de production The Nine
Chief Creative Officer Jody Xiong
Art Director Jody Xiong
Copywriter Nancy Yang
Publicado septiembre 2016


One Show 2017
Print & Outdoor Promotional / Collateral: Posters - Campaign Merit

Creditos y descripciones

Agency: The Nine / Shanghai
Client: Amnesty International
Category: Non-Profit Organizations / Charities / Education / Government
Chief Creative Officer: Jody Xiong
Creative Director: Jody Xiong
Art Director: Jody Xiong
Copywriter: Nancy Yang
Animator: Hu Mo
Graphic Designer: Jody Xiong
Art Buyer: Nancy Yang
Illustrators: Jody Xiong/Hu Mo
Producer: Gaby Jiang
To those dissidents who have different political beliefs, it's the ‘minds’ of dictatorships that deprive them of their freedoms and safeties, so we revealed the invisible prison of the dictators' ‘minds’ to people.