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Sector TV/Radio Programas
Media Design & Branding
Mercado Reino Unido
Agencia Discovery Communications
Creative Director Robin Garnett
Publicado mayo 2013


Cannes Lions 2013
Design Lions Channel branding or Programme branding Bronze

Creditos y descripciones

Type of entry: Graphic Design & Design Crafts
Category: Channel branding or Programme branding
Product/Service: IDENTITY
Director Of Production: Paul Mortimore (Discovery UK Creative)
Marketing Director: Tim Hughes (Discovery UK Creative)
Creative Director: Robin Garnett (Discovery UK Creative)
VP Executive Creative Director: Federico Gaggio (Discovery UK Creative)
Founder: Grant Gilbert (Double G Studios)
Brief Explanation
The UK factual market is saturated by 'blue chip' natural history content, so the challenge of this refresh, was to create a destination where animals were the heroes of the channel, but at the same time it didn't become a self-indulgent nature shoot, or a kid's channel.
The objective was to create a general entertainment 'animal channel' rather than the traditional interpretation of 'factual'.

Describe the brief from the client
Animal Planet was suffering an identity crisis. Internationally, the available programming pipeline was targeting men and family viewing, but through years of neglect and over-reliance on archive 'pets and vets' content, the core UK audience had become older (55+ year old) down-market women.

The brief was to re-connect with younger, more up-market, lapsed viewers, and to give the channel a purpose, broad appeal and contemporary identity to fit the new programming. The insight was to bring out the 'surprisingly human attributes that all animal lovers find endearing'.

Design Process
Using the client insight 'surprisingly human attributes' we looked a various different styles and media - we decided very early on to avoid live action; a channel that loves animals shouldn't seek to exploit them. But, we wanted to create various environments to showcase different animals and their surprisingly human behaviours - so came up with the idea of our self-contained Animal Planets. We explored various different styles including claymation, puppets, modeling and most notably origami, which led to the final 3D graphic route.

Obviously this rebrand was combined with new programming, stunts and marketing activity - so can't claim all the credit, but since the launch, the channel has moved from decline to growth for the first time since 2009, with key slots performing 22% higher than last year. More women (and kids) are watching in daytime, and more younger ABC1 men are coming in to the 9pm and 10pm premiere slots. Our internal brand-tracker shows that over 90% of viewers prefer the new look and agree with the statement 'Animal Planet is one of my favourite channels'.