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Sector Telecomunicaciones
Media Design & Branding
Mercado Suiza
Agencia Interbrand Group
Designer Dennis Horstmann, Maria Penner, David Mühlfeld
Publicado abril 2013

Creditos y descripciones

Category: Public Spaces
Chief Creative Officer/Central/Eastern Europe: Andreas Rötzler (Interbrand)
Designer: Dennis Horstmann (Interbrand)
Vp/Brand Management: Tobias Schmidt (Deutsche Telekom)
Svp/Brand Strategy/Marketing Communications: Hans-Christian Schwingen (Deutsche Telekom)
Design Director: Hendrik Bruning (Interbrand)
Designer: Maria Penner (Interbrand)
Designer: David Mühlfeld (Interbrand)
Chairman/Central/Eastern Europe: Jürgen Häusler (Interbrand)

Client Brief Or Objective
The client, Deutsche Telekom, did not wish to provide a brief. Instead, the agency was requested to present an outline of what could be possible. We delivered: A sense of co-creation to realise a workspace for the client's brand idea: Life is for sharing. Our self-designed brief: leverage the power of real life experiences to "think digital, work digital, live digital". The client happily agreed that this approach would produce the workspace needed.

Brief Explanation
After winning the pitch, the agency wanted to develop a robust long-lasting client relationship. The overall working aim was to turn creating and managing brand value into a co-creation experience as one joint client/agency team. In practise, primary objectives included the creation of:-real life experiences to communicate the brand identity,-a sense of co-creation in line with Telekom's position "Life is for sharing", -financially sustainable ways to maximize and intensify interaction with client(s)

We prepared materials and conceptualized the space in full collaboration with the client's team. Together we developed a space where we could create, discuss, debate and celebrate – as one team. Consistent with the central concept "Life is for sharing", the brand room has become a dynamic differentiated business development area, complemented by a mobile workspace for regular international travel.

The brand room successfully supports client interaction, internal knowledge building and cost reductions. The client meets more frequently with the agency, has meetings with more partners, and holds more meaningful and actionable meetings overall. Between October 2012 and March 2013, 80 meetings were held, involving 400 clients, across a range of organisational levels and business units, all over Europe. Financial gains have been generated through travel savings (240 hours, 64,000€) and new project funding subsequent to brand room meetings. Clients feel at home in the space; as testimony to this, Deutsche Telekom has extended its commitment to the workspace project.