FESTIS REMIX Nine Stockholm para Festis


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Sector Energy Drinks (en)
Media Design & Branding, Case study
Mercado Suecia
Agencia Nine Stockholm
Creative Director Isabelle Dahlborg-Lidström
Publicado mayo 2013

Creditos y descripciones

Agency: NINE
Category: Core FMCG
Artist: Carolina Falkholt (Freelance)
Design Director: Andreas Linnell (Nine)
Creative Director: Isabelle Dahlborg-Lidström (Nine)
Project Manager: Linn Eklund (Nine)
Production Manager: Judith Socha (Nine)
Instead of responding to the brief with a traditional redesign, we created a brand- and marketing concept that would function as a support platform for young artists in Sweden, where the product is remixed by exciting and creative young artists. With a nation-wide distribution, the initiative has already become one of the largest art exhibitions in Sweden, exhibiting two works of a curated artist once a year on the iconic bottle canvas. The first artist involved in the initiative is Carolina Falkholt - an incredibly talented Swedish artist with a burning passion for creating art in the public space.
The finished products have proved wildly successful, generating a tangible buzz online and in social media - several thousand hash-tagged images has appeared on Instagram only a month after launch. First-hand reports from retailers confirm the success. The two new products have created a 26% sales increase compared to March 2012, breaking the overall negative trend of the still drink market.
Brief Explanation
The key objective was to breathe new life into the Festis brand through an exciting and engaging concept, to gain ground on the competition, to maximize the visual impact on the shelf and as a result increase sales. The products had to be constant, yet the liquid could change regularly so the design concept had to be flexible to accommodate this fact. Our solution was a defined sub-brand, Festis Remix, that would form a flexible arena for Carlsberg to be innovative and to experiment with the liquid without major changes to the Festis range. As such, it was important to successfully convey this energy and curiosity through the visual concept.
Client Brief Or Objective
Design a sleeve for a line extension of two new flavors in the Festis family of drinks - a traditional Swedish still drink - that would revitalize the brand and instill the sense that the brand is trendy, unexpected and confident.