Fleurop Design & Branding MEN'S HOBBIES Ogilvy & Mather Frankfurt


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Sector Flowers delivery (en)
Media Design & Branding
Mercado Alemania
Agencia Ogilvy & Mather Frankfurt
Executive Creative Director Matthias Storath
Creative Director Helmut Meyer
Art Director Patrick Ackmann
Copywriter Dr. Stephan Vogel, Haiko Hoernig
Photographer Stephanie Franke, Staudigner
Publicado octubre 2012

Creditos y descripciones

Advertiser: FLEUROP
Category: Print and Poster Ads
Advertising campaign: MEN'S HOBBIES
Graphic: Asae Tanaka (Ogilvy Germany)
Copywriter: Dr. Stephan Vogel (Ogilvy Germany)
Post Production: Franke (Staudinger/Franke)
Creative Director: Helmut Meyer (Ogilvy Germany)
Account Management: Matthias Storath (Ogilvy Germany)
Art Director: Patrick Ackmann (Ogilvy Germany)
Account Management: Yves Rosengart (Ogilvy Germany)
Post Production: Staudinger (Staudinger/Franke)
Chief Creative Officer: Dr. Stephan Vogel (Ogilvy Germany)
Photographer: Franke (Staudinger/Franke)
Copywriter: Haiko Hoernig (Ogilvy Germany)
Advertisor's Supervisor: Sebastian Marx (Fleurop Ag)
Account Management: Timo Hensel (Ogilvy Germany)
Executive Creative Director: Matthias Storath (Ogilvy Germany)
Photographer: Staudigner (Staudinger/Franke)
Art Buyer: Valerie Optiz (Ogilvy Germany)

The campaign was first published as a series of prints. Therefore, no exact results are known.

Client Brief Or Objective
A series of print advertisements for the flower delivery service, ‘Fleurop’.

A series of bold images created entirely out of flowers, showing men enjoying the rewards that come from sending their wives flowers: a night with the boys, guilt-free.

Brief Explanation
Development of a print campaign that speaks to men in a humorous way.