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Havaianas Posters

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Sector Calzado
Media Design & Branding
Mercado Brasil
Agencia ALMAP BBDO Brazil
Chief Creative Officer Luiz Sanches Jr.
Executive Creative Director Bruno Prosperi
Creative Keka Morelle, Daniel Oksenberg, Pedro Corbett, Felipe Antonioli
Photographer Ale Catan, Mariana Valverde
Typographer Motor Niveo
Publicado abril 2017

Creditos y descripciones

When you think of Havaianas, you think of everything that best represents the Brazilian summer, such as happiness, rhythm, energy, friendship, spontaneity, good vibes and free spirit. That is why AlmapBBDO in Brazil decided to turn the packaging for Havaianas into packaging for all that. The packages - designed in the shape of various products - will both contain the products at stores around the world and promote the campaign's message, "Made of Brazilian Summer", on posters, ads, vignettes, gifs, shop windows and decorations. The packages will also be used throughout the year in activations, press kits for influencers and direct marketing actions. Also, the brand's social network channels will bring foreigners to Brazil to experience the things that make the Brazilian summer, like Havaianas.
Media: Outdoor
Category: Clothing & footwear
Client: Alpargatas
Agency: AlmapBBDO, São Paulo
Country: Brazil
Chief Creative Officer: Luiz Sanches
Executive Creative Director: Bruno Prosperi
Creative: Keka Morelle
Creative: Pedro Corbett
Creative: Felipe Antonioli
Creative: Daniel Oksenberg
Art Buyer: Tereza Setti, Ana Cecília da Costa
Illustration 2D: Adelmo Barreira, Motor Niveo, Black Madre Atelier, Keka Morelle, Felipe Antonioli.
Illustration 3D: Gelmi Estudio de Arte
Typographer: Motor Niveo
Photographer: Alê Catan, Mariana Valverde
Assistance: Cristina Chacon, Flavia Fusco, Renata Carvalho, Italo Vetorazzo, Sâmia Reiter
Planning: Cintia Gonçalves, Sergio Katz, Vanessa Sakamoto, Beatriz Scheuer
Media: Carla Durighetto, Maria Eugenia e Flavio Padilha
Approval: Carla Schmitzberger, Rui Porto, Eliana Vilches, Marcelo Vecchi, Maria Fernanda Candeloro